Through this video tutorial learn How to use use mail merge in gmail? You need 3 things to send personalized mails to multiple people in one click. First is the obvious draft message that you want to send. Second thing is the email id’s of people whom you wish to send bulk mails. Third thing is an application which can do this job for you. Let me explain each of these things below…
Link to view video - http://youtu.be/skrGMoq_TRA
1. Draft message – You need to compose a message in Gmail, leave the To field blank, enter the subject of the message and the body. I am sure you would love to learn the process with multiple variables. Let’s say you have a party at home and wish to invite friends.

There can be two variables – sending mails that are personalized with their First name addressed and other can be time, you may wish to invite close friends little early. You mail body should have First name and Time. If you want to have the first line as hi Ricky, then you should write hi First Name.  There has to be two less than and greater than bracket before and after the variable, like explained in the video.

2. Email id’s - For this process to work – email id’s people to whom you wish to send personalized mails, should be part of a separate group in Gmail. Basis your convenience you can name them, let’s say you name them party friends. This is the second thing required to create a mail merge in Gmail.

Note - You can send upto 100 emails in one go in a day using this process, so don’t have a group size greater than 100.

3 .Reliable application – There are many apps that can do this job but the one that I find as most trustworthy in terms of delivery is yet another mail merge. You need to go to create a spreadsheet on Google drive and add this add on through add on button on the menu.  You can click on add on yet another mail merge start mail merge. This process also allows you to add the sender name for the mail. 

So if your friends address you by a particular name, you can surprise them by changing the sender name to that nick name.

 When you do this for first time, it will ask you to authenticate and then repeating the process will put the draft data on spreadsheet. You will need to enter the Time manually on spreadsheet. 

Note – Variables in spreadsheet should exactly be the same as they show on the mail body, If you have written Time with T in capital then it should be same in spreadsheet.

Immediately after sending the mails, you will notice that a column with Email sent will pop up on the last column from the right. 

Process of mail merge as explained in the tutorial, highlights and demonstrates how easily you can send personalized emails to multiple people in one click.

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Hope you would have enjoyed watching and learning this short video and gained insight on how to use mail merge in Gmail. 


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