The Monaco Police have seized an insane number of cars in recent days and as a result the impound park has become a bit of a car show itself. Let's take a look around at what's going on before escaping the country and getting on the road 1,200km all the way to Belgium in the Ferrari!

Starting off in the Monaco harbour, you can see just how many cars have become victims of the police impound lot. The Monaco cops have come down hard in recent days on all cars that have loud exhausts, drive antisocially, or have committed any other offence. It's a tricky one because in some cases it is well justified, in others it can simply be starting up a car with a factory exhaust just catches the person on the wrong day. As well as being impounded for 4-5 days, it also comes with a €300-1,000 fine depending on the circumstances.

On departure, let's go for a quick (or desperately long with the traffic present!) lap of the famous Monaco F1 circuit in the Ford GT before it's time to get the car loaded up and set back to the UK. Meanwhile we're taking the Ferrari GTC4Lusso for a 1,200km (750 mile) drive all the way to Belgium to be re-united with my McLaren Senna and 675LT Spider ready for Pure McLaren.

The seizing issue is clearly incredibly sensitive in Monte Carlo at the moment, but what do you make of the situation? Are they being a little overkill when even diesel SUVs find their way in or is it totally right to take a hard line to stamp out the 'unofficial' car meets taking place?

In any case, the Ferrari served the purpose very well and the Where's Shmee tour continues next with Pure McLaren at Spa with an opportunity to truly enjoy the Senna in action.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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