In today’s video, we’re going to review the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in the color #5610 Dark Chili. The purpose of this review is to discuss what we like about the finish and compare it to Allen Edmond’s other similar colors. 

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Allen Edmonds is one of the few remaining “great American shoemakers,” still making their premium leather dress shoes here in the United States. Allen Edmonds makes an excellent Goodyear welted leather dress shoe that, if properly polished and resoled, can last a lifetime. 

For many of our viewers, Allen Edmonds is their first experience with a high-quality, Goodyear welted leather dress shoe. In short, an investment in lasting quality, that, for many, has fostered a lifetime appreciation of fine footwear. 

For anyone looking to make their first investment in a high-quality, Goodyear welted leather dress shoe, there is no better place to start than the Allen Edmond’s Park Avenue. This simple cap-toe oxford is a classic – a staple that belongs in almost every closet. And there is no surprise that Park Avenue is easily Allen Edmond’s #1 selling dress shoe. And for $425, it is a pretty good value. 

The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue is available in six finishes in calfskin and three finishes in cordovan. In this review, we will be discussing the finish #5610 Dark Chili. For a more extensive review on the Park Avenue, check out our more extensive Park Avenue Review. 

The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in #5610 Dark Chili is probably my favorite of all of Allen Edmond’s brown finishes. It is quite light in color. This is the lightest-brown Park Avenue that Allen Edmonds sells. This is a great, more casual dress shoe that is great for anyone that dresses in lighter-colored suits. 

The two closest other Allen Edmonds finishes to the #5956 Walnut are: 
#5956 Walnut 
#2179 Coffee
#5610 Dark Chili
#5609 Oxblood

One of the things I love about a beautiful brown shoe, especially one made from a high-quality open grain leather, is that the patina, or color, really evolves the more you polish the shoe. It is this patina that gives a shoe character as it ages and makes it totally unique to you. Even polishing a shoe like the #5610 Dark Chili with a simple light brown polish will darken and burnish the leather over time as the open pore structure accumulates oils and other waxes 

This finish could easily be taken in several different directions. You could evolve and darken the entire finish by using a Dark Brown or mahogany shoe polish. Or you could burnish the edges using dark brown… 

The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in calfskin is a truly iconic American-made shoe that is constructed with a nice full-grain, open pour leather, a 360-degree Goodyear welt, and full leather outsole. For anyone looking to begin investing in high-quality leather dress shoes, the Allen Edmond Park Avenue is a great place to begin. 

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