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Hello every one and welcome to my YouTube channel and in this video today we will see where do the archived emails go in them, how to view them and how to archive emails.

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What does archiving do

The first thing is to understand what archiving does. If you receive lots of emails on regular basis then your inbox will be full of emails and it may be difficult to manage. In that case you can archive and move the email emails to another place so that there is room for new emails.

Whenever you archive emails then the mails move to “All mail” label. It doesn’t delete from your Gmail account. 

If you want to archive any email then you will select the email and then click on Archvie icon.

If you want to view it you will expand “more”, click on “All mail”. You will see the archived mail.

If you want to move any archived mail to inbox. Select it and click on “Move to inbox”.

When you archive an email and if someone replies to the email it will automatically move to your inbox.

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