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Yamaho Yama

Yamaho Yama

Movie title : Yamaho Yama
Release Date : 2012
Cast: Sai Ram Shankar (as Balu), Parvati Melton, Srihari (as Lord Yama), Ali (as Chitragupta)
Music : Mahati

Art : V S Mani
Direction : Y Jitendar
Producer : G V Jaykumar Goud

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A rare devotee of Lord Yama (Srihari), Balu (Sai Ram) lives a carefree life with his grandmother and four orphaned children. He begins his day praying with a prayer to Lord Yama. He goes to USA to fulfil a commitment made to his grandmother but unfortunately falls into trouble. Lord Yama comes to Earth to rescue him and all hell breaks loose.

The socio-fantasy film has some hillarious scenes set in the US-backdrop between Lord Yama and his assistant Chitragupta.

Movie Facts

  • As of mid-February 2012, many scenes in the region of Rayalaseema are shot. The movie audio would be released in April while the movie itself would be released in May 2012.
  • Few shots in the movie will be shot in America starting first week of March 2012. The movie story line demands that Lord Yama has to travel to America.
  • The movie was clapped by Hollywood actor Christopher Atkins in the US for the US scenes of the movie on April 2, 2012. The first shooting was of the scene of Sriram. The US shooting phase will be completed by May 1, 2012.


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