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A big fat love story


Movie title : Vinayakudu
Release Date : November 21, 2008
Cast: Krishnudu (as Karthik), Sonia (as Kalpana), Suryatej, Poonam Kaur (as Sandhya / Sandy), Samrat, Prem Kumar Patra, Adarsh, Ankitha, Sathya Krishnan, Tulasi, Rakesh Mahankali, Mahesh (as father of Kalpana), Aparna (as mother of Kalpana), Murali, Master Mittu, Waheeda
CBFC Movie Rating : U
Music : Sam Prasan
Screenplay :Sai Kiran Adivi
Lyrics: Vanamali, Avinash
Photography : P.G. Vinda
Producer : Smt. Saritha Patra, Praveen Kumar Patra, Rakesh Mahankali, Jyothi Kiran

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Karthik (played by Krishnudu) is a always-cool, soft, ever-happy kind of guy, comes to Hyderabad for a job interview at Hi-Rise, an ad agency. He gets selected, and in the office the next day, he sees Kalpana (played by Sonia) and likes her. He is generally not taken seriously by anyone because of his soft-spoken nature and his rotund personality, but he's the kind who doesn't take that seriously!

Kalpana too doesn't care for him and finds faults with him, due to their initial interactions at work. Slowly she starts interacting with him more. While returning back to home, her vehicle tyre gets puncher. Two youth passing by talks cheap at her at which time Karthik comes to rescue. Karthik locked the bike and the two starts walking home. They talk about various topics, have tea and biscuits and later ice cream before they reach home early in the morning.

Her parents, who leave to USA to visiting her brother's family (played by Mahesh & Aparna), initiate a matrimonial alliance for Kalpana with Rajeev (played by Samrat). Kalpana meets Rajeev and they both observe that they have a lot of tastes in common.

On one instance, Rajeev goes to Mumbai and missies the invitation for a Salsa dance. Karthik steps in. Every one laughs at Karthik's Salsa. She suggests him to look into her and dance. Back home, her apartment key is mistaken for another and so she goes to Karthik's flat where she gets to know about him better. Her fiancÚ comes back home the next day, calls her and tells her to be ready by 11. He picks her up and takes her to his house. That evening Karthik says he loves Kalpana to his friend. Kalpana is an ultra-modern girl and moves close with everyone.

Meanwhile, another thread of a budding relation is seen between Karthik's friend Altaf (Suryatej) and Kalpana's friend Sandhya aka Sandy (played by Poonam Kaur). At about the same time that Kalpana realizes Rajeev is not for her, she gets closer to Karthik but the hell gets loose suddenly due to a petty altercation between Altaf and Sandy.

Eventually, Karthik and Kalpana lose even the friendly relation they have. However by the end of the story, the two gets together.

Vinayakudu Songs

  • Saradaaga ee samayam
    Featuring: Krishnudu and Sonia
    Shot at / Location: Night walk in the partk, on way back to home

Vinayakudu Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Sonia: Neeku okati cheppanna? Nelantivaadini ekkada choodaledu (Shall i tell you a thing about you? I have never seen a person like you)
    Krishnudu: Avunu. Neenu chaala special. Maa akka chebutundi (Ya. I am very special. My sister used to say so)
  • Krishnudu: Tananu taanu isthapade vaadu pellani baaga choosukogaladu. Maa akka cheppindi. (A person who loves himself can see her wife with care. My sister used to say so)
  • Krishnudu: Salsa ante? (What is Salsa?)
    Sonia: English filkms lo chetulu pattukuni dance chestarukada ade (The dance that they show in English films where they move holding their hands)
  • Sonia: Karthik naaku aakali vesthundi. (Karthik, I am hungry)
    Krishnudu: Neekosam Noodles chestanu... Sare. emainaa thesthanu (Okay. I will prepare noodles. Fine. I will bring something else)


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