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Movie title : Veerangam
Release Date : 2012
Cast: Suman (as Research professor studying about lives of Joginis), Shyamala Devi (as a real-life jogini), Ashish Vidyardhi, Babu Mohan, Kota Srinivasa Rao
Music : Nandan Raju
Direction : Vemuganti

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Joginis as women who are married to gods. The movie attempts to showcase the lives of joginis. The film picturizes a village called Veerangam where the village patel has fetish for joginis. He gets crazy when he hears the daughter of a jogini expresses that she is interested to study. He gets even crazier when his son loves her and intends to marry her.

Suman is a research professor who comes to the village to study about the lives of joginis. Shyamala says that all the studies and governmental effort has yielded no results in improving the lives of the joginis.


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