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Maa Andaa.. Maa Aassa


Movie title : Veede
Release Date : October 31, 2003
Cast: Ravi Teja (as Yedukodalu), Aarthi Agarwal, Reema Sen, Sayaji Shinde, M S Narayana
Music : Chakri
Direction : Raviraja Pinisetty
Producer : Singanamala Ramesh

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Yedukodalu (played by Ravi Teja) saves a factory from being blasted with bombs by the villagers. The next day, he explains before the village head that the factory blast would have destroyed the entire village. The villagers decides to send Yedukodalu and Aarthi Agarwal (who completed her Intermediate) competes with each other to go to Hyderabad and convince the government to get the factory cancelled. On the train, Aarthi Agarwal irks the ticket collector with her English by saying that she will complain to the Railway Ministry. Yedukodalu convinces him by saying that she is mentally ill. The ticket collector agrees to his story. However, the train stops because of some problem and all the passengers gets down to eat at a local dhaba.

Aarthi Agarwal tries to get revenge on Yedukodalu and puts him in a fight with a Punjabi. Yedukondalu wins over him. A mass-song sequence follows.

Veede Songs

  • Andamaina Papaperu
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan, Kousalya
  • Edurantoo Leneleni
    Artists: Chakri
    Shot at / Location: Mass song outside a dhaba featuring Ravi Teja and Aarthi Agarwal in a group dance.
  • Adagadugo Vastunnadu
    Artists: Telangana Shakuntala
  • Amadi Yamma Yammare
    Artists: Ravivarma
  • Kinnerasaani Vannelarani
    Artists: Hariharan, Kousalya
  • Chanak Nanchal
    Artists: Udit Narayan, Sunita


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