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Movie title : Snehithudu
Release Date : January 26, 2012
Cast: Vijay (as Panchabhatla Saranga Paani), Jeeva (as Nikhil), Sri Ram (as Venkat), Sathyaraj (as Viroopaksha Sundaram, college principal), Ileana (as daughter of college principal)
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Editor : Anthony
Photography : Manoj Paramahamsa
Direction : Shankar
Producer : Raju Easwaran, Dil Raju
Banner : Sri Venkateshwara Creations / Gemini Film Circuit

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie begins with two friends Venkat (played by Sri Ram) and Nikhil (played by Jeeva) searching for their missed friend Panchabhatla Saranga Paani (played by Vijay) along with their college mate Srinu. Nikhil hails from a poor family while Venkat comes from a typical middle-class family.

The story goes back to college days where Paani, being an intelligent and excellent student, used to excel in his outlook, thought process and also acts. He uses his knowledge and wisdom subtly to silence the seniors and also the most hard nut professors. Viroopaksha Sundaram (Satyaraj), the strict professor and principal of the college (Ideal Engineering College), who was in short known as Virus had a daughter (played by Ileana).

Paani falls in love with her and she responds positively. But Srinu, known as silencer, was a studious student who develops competitive rivalry with Paani. Both compete against each other in academics. When Srinu gets insulted by Paani in a conspiracy, the former challenges that he would be in top of all in future, will cross even the first ranker Paani and settle in the best possible way than any one in the college. The two fixes September 10th that falls 15 years later as the date of review. The rest of the story is about what happens after 10 years of the incident.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is telugu version of the tamil movie Nanban made by Shankar which is inturn remade from Bollywood movie 3 Idiots.

Snehithudu Songs

  • Mana Friendalle
    Artists: Krish, Suchith Suresan
  • Heartu Lo Battery
    Artists: Hemachandra, Mukesh
  • Aska Laska Emo Emo
    Artists: Vijay Prakash, Chinmayee, Suvi
  • Toli Adugaina Padalede
    Artists: Aalap Raju
  • Ileana Chitti Belliana
    Artists: Vijay Prakash, Javed Ali, Sayanora Philip
  • Nee Vupiri Ne Sonthama
    Artists: Ramakrishnan Murthy

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