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Satruvu 2013

Revenge is not a valid motive. It's an emotional response

Satruvu 2013

Movie title : Satruvu 2013
Release Date : January 24, 2013
Cast: Meka Srikanth (as Shankar), Aksha Pardasany (as Anusha, as daughter of Mayor), Rehman (as Mayor), Raghu Babu, Duvvasi Mohan
Music : Gana
Presenter : Bolla Brahmanaidu
Direction : N S R Prasad
Producer : V S Rami Reddy
Banner : VSR Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie begins with Shankar / Shankaranna (Srikanth) who is serving term in a city jail. He helps Anusha (Aksha) in the process from goons and the convinced young lady appoints him as his bodyguard for an irresistible salary.

In one scene, she escapes from being killed when someone from behind pushes her before a moving vehicle when she is waiting to cross the road. One of her friend is killed while having a shower. A female cop is shot on her temple and killed when she looks though the peep hole of her door. Incidents like these happen creating a sense of fear of being killed in the mind of Anusha.

During the story, it gets revealed that her father Rehman is a Mayor. The Mayor joins hands with the Chief Minister in amassing wealth by illegal means and eliminates anyone coming in their way. The CBI officers run a probe into a trail of benami properties of a powerful goon. The daughter collects evidence about the criminal activities of her father and wanted him to hold a press conference and confess before the public.

Shankar gets hospitalized and this takes the movie into a flash back.


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