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Rukmini Kalyanam

Rukmini Kalyanam

Movie title : Rukmini Kalyanam
Release Date : 1989
Cast: K Bhagyaraj, Aishwarya, Kalyan Kumar, Jagan, Nalinikanth, Raghu, Manorama
Editor : SMV Subbu
Dialouges : Raja Sri
Lyrics: Raja Sri
Photography : MC Sekhar
Fights : Shaktivarma
Presenter : Bhagyaraj
Direction : K.Bhagyaraj
Banner : Sri Vayuputhra Arts / Sharanya Cine Combines

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Rajbabu (K.Bhagryaraj) is an orphan whom Manorama couples takes care. Rajbabu is mamma's boy. Manorama is spoiling her son and Rajbabu is turning into a careless, irresponsible and uneducated person. He is busy only in roaming around in the village with his friend Abbulu and spending money. He has a hobby of clicking pics in different getups like doctor, lawyer etc.

Once he goes to the studio for the same when he comes across the photograph of Rukmini (Aishwarya). On the first sight itself he falls for her and decides that she will only be his future wife.

After searching a lot he finds her address and proposes her. Initially she refuses him because she is a well educated girl but Rajbabu was illetarate, but then agress to marry him. Just one day before she comes to know that Rajbabu is an uneducated person and she cancels her marriage. The rest of the story is about how Rajbabu convinces Rukmini to marry him and what all are the problems he had to face.


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