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Movie title : Preminchu
Release Date : April 11, 2001
Cast: Sai Kiran, Laya (as Meena, blind collage student), Lakshmi (as Kousalya), Roopa (as Dolly), Murali Mohan (as Vasu), Kota Srinivasa Rao, Bramhanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Surya, Mallikarjuna Rao, Rajitha, Surya, Ananth, Sri Lakshmi, Rajitha, Ali
Music : MM Sri Lekha
Singers : SP Balu, MM Srilekha & Chitra
Camera : AVS
Dialouges : Satyanand

Screenplay :Boyina Subba Rao
Photography : Hari Anumolu
Audio : Tips
Direction : Boyina Subbarao
Producer : D Rama Naidu
Banner : Suresh Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A blind young college-going student Meena (played by Laya) lives a self-confidence and independent individual life. Despite being blind, she leads the life of a normal citizen. One day, she meets Suresh by an accident and the two begins to be friends. Suresh takes time to understand that Meena is blind.

Dolly (played by Roopa) is the sister-in-law of Suresh. She loves him very much. Her evil-minded father Kota encourages his daughter to marry Suresh as Suresh has lots of money inherited from his ancestors. Meena completes her studies by getting the state first rank and takes up the profession of lawyer and eventually wins a case with her miraculous acumen.

Vasu (played Murai Mohan), the noble father of motherless Meena, decides to marry off his daughter with Suresh after coming to know their love story. When Vasu goes to Suresh house with the marriage proposal, he realizes that the mother-in-law of Suresh is none but his divorced wife Kousalya (Lakshmi). Vasu and Kousalya did have differences when they realized that their girl baby is a blind one. Vasu is in favor of accepting her and Kousalya wants to get rid of her daughter by putting baby in an orphanage. On this issue, the couple takes the divorce and Vasu takes the baby and raises her to the position what Meena is today.

The rest of the film is about how Meena, inspite of being a blind girl, takes on a proxy war with her mother Kousalya and get the entire family united. If you want to know how Meena did manage this daunting task, you got to watch this beautifully balanced good film on a silver screen.

Preminchu Songs

  • Okasaari Ninnupreminchinaa.. Toli Sari Ninu Choosi
  • 24 Karat Golden Babu.. by SP Balu & MM Srilekha
  • Swagatham Swagatham.. by Chorus
  • Maa Gundelalo.. by Chorus
  • Kantene Amma Ani.. by SP Balu & Chitra
  • Hayamma Hayi.. by SP Balu & Chitra
  • Rendukotla Andhrulalo.. by SP Balu & Chitra

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