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Movie title : Pelli
Release Date : 1997
Cast: Vadde Naveen, Maheswari, Giri Babu, Prudhvi, Bramhanandam, Kovai Sarala, Mallikarjuna Rao, Sujatha
Music : S A Rajkumar
Editor : Tata Suresh
Photography : Kodi Lakshman
Direction : Kodi Ramakrishna
Producer : RamaNigeshwara Rao

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Naveen wants to marry the girl he likes at first sight. He sees Maheswari in a shopping mall promptly falls in love. Soon he goes on a mission in search of her only to find her in a colony surrounded by comedians and a lonely sad, pathetic looking Sujatha as her mother. But Sujatha is mother-inlaw of Maheswari and Privriraj is a sadict and think that he is dead. Both Naveen and Maheswari fall in love with the help of the comedians gang and that leads to the marriage. But on Prithvi returns and reclaim his possession. What can a good mother do to stop the evil son. Like in all those good old sentimental movies, she poisons him and kills herself too for the sake of a peaceful life for her daughter-in-law. Hence mothers-in-law are dedicated.

Pelli Songs

  • Ooge.. Oogee Uyyala.. Raagamteyyala
  • Ooo Navvulavaana..Yavvana Veena
  • Jaabilamma Neekuanta Kopama..
  • Paita Kongu Entho
  • Rukku rukku rukmini!

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