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Oka V Chitram

Oka V Chitram

Movie title : Oka V Chitram
Release Date : May 19, 2006
Cast: Pradeep Pinisetty, Vamsi, Deepa, Madhu Shalini, Tanikella Bharani
Music : Sri Murali
Singers : Soumya
Lyrics: Siva Ganesh
Audio : Madhura entertainment
Direction : Teja

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Unlike other movies, this movie had the mother of the hero Balram (Pradeep) urging the hero not to avenge their family dishonor but make a movie with the reigning super star of tollywood. The hero hence picks up Santosh Babu (a reference to Mahesh Babu) as the hero of the movie. Pradeep comes to the big bad world of the city and works as a clapper boy and not as an ad copywriter. He runs away from home with six gold bangles of his mother to make a movie with his favorite film star Santosh Babu (Vamsi).

Balram emerges out of a theatre along with other fans after watching a movie of Santosh Babu. Though other fans praise the movie for their star's sake, Balram disagrees and states that the movie is going to be a flop. Arguments ensue between him and other fans of Santosh Babu. Needless to say, Balram is provoked and asked to make a movie himself for which he bets to make a hit movie with Santosh Babu and get it released by Diwali and if he fails to do that he would consume poison in front of the same theatre that they are arguing.

Movie Facts

  • This film introduces Sri Murali as music director.


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