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O Aadadi O Magaadu

O Aadadi O Magaadu

Movie title : O Aadadi O Magaadu
Release Date : 1982
Cast: Sri Vidya (as Lawyer)
Direction : Dasari Narayana Rao

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The hero and his wife Pallavi, a professional singer tries to go to the America after his office sends him on professional training. However his mothers is against to the idea and hence he goes alone. Disturbed with the decision of her mother-in-law, Pallavi could not do her audition for a broadcasting. The hero's friend convinces Pallavi's in-laws and takes her for an program. He however molests her in the train. The scene shows the whole episode in the form of a Harikatha sung by the father-in-law for AIR. Unable to bear the humiliation, Pallavi however returns back to her home after the episode. The father-in-law however gets to know of the incident when the friend speaks to Pallavi and warns her of consequences and returns home dull.

The father-in-law warns the friend to go away but the mother-in-law gets to know of this. Upon being asked, the friend shifts the blame on Pallavi. Meanwhile, the hero returns back home after completing his US trip. Pallavi receives the hero at the airport, weeps and tells the recent developments. The hero understands her situation and consoles her saying what has happened is not because of her. All this, however, happens in her imagination. The friend continues to torture her and is caught red handed by Pallavi's brother who beats him, chases and kills him. With this, Pallavi's brother becomes a criminal.

After the hero is returned home, his mother explains what has done and with this the hero feels that Pallavi has done wrong. Meanwhile, police comes home and asks the in-laws to visit the police station as Pallavi and her brother wants to see her. The Mother-in-law sends back the police while the hero remains silent. The court directs Pallavi's brother to be put in juveniles prison.

The father-in-law, moved by the incidents, visit's Pallavi's home and tries to console her asking her to visit their home once and explain. Pallavi writes a letter to her husband and sends it through the father-in-law. The husband however cuts the paper and says that it is his reply. The father slaps him saying it his reply.

The hero sends a diverse notice to Pallavi. Srividya attends to the court as a lawyer of Pallavi and proves the court that the mother-in-law is greedy women and money minded. Srividya also proves that the hero has affairs durign his college, work life and even in the US. Srividya brings to the notice of various situations in which women are tortured at various stages and tells that justice is impartial to women. The court postpones the case for the next day. That night, the hero recaps all the incidents that happened in his life and withdraws his divorse at the court next day. However, Pallavi rejects the divorse withdrawl afraid of the society. The movie ends with the husban accepting her back.

O Aadadi O Magaadu Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Telisi cheesano teliyakachesano tappe chesanu


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