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Nippulanti Manishi 1986

Nippulanti Manishi 1986

Movie title : Nippulanti Manishi 1986
Release Date : 1986
Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Radha, Sarath Babu, Nutan Prasad, Rajeev, Raj Varma, Rajya Lakshmi, Y Vijaya, Sundari, Sri Lakshmi, Varalakshmi

Direction : N B Chakravarthy
Producer : Midde Rama Rao
Banner : Sree Raja Lakshmi Art Pictures

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Movie begins with a group of goons making fun out of blind people and woman after drinking and rapes a woman among them. Their family members are poor they want to send the culprit behind the bars. Then enters into the scene balakrishna he will help them by teaching a lesson to culprits.balarishna helps the people who are in need but he likes to spend time with woman because in the past he lost his love with Radha. she did a dual role.As she is killed seeing that balakrishna turns cruel. one day one his child hood friend meets him he is none other than sharath Kumar superdient of police he invites balakrishna for his birthday and later due to some reasons they both get divided and balakrishna goes behind the bars.later he wants to take revenge on the people who made his life miserable and kills one by one in the mean while he comes to know about Asha she looks same like Radha she is a sister of sharath Kumar bala krishna saves her life from villains and kidnaps her and explain about his past and how Radha was killed whole story revolves around balakrishna and sharath Kumar and how Asha helps balakrishna for taking revenge on the villains who killed Radha.

Nippulanti Manishi 1986 Songs

  • Nee Tholi Choopulone
  • Bolthaa Kottavante
  • Yama Yamagaa


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