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Naa Rakumarudu

It's a beautiful love story

Naa Rakumarudu

Movie title : Naa Rakumarudu
Rating: 2.0
Release Date : February 21, 2014
Cast: Naveen Chandra (as Vaishnav), Ritu Varma (as Bindu), M S Narayana, Sithara
Music : Achu Rajamani
Dialouges : Satya
Screenplay :Satya
Photography : Kumara Swamy
Direction : T Satya (debut movie as independent director)
Producer : P Vajrang
Banner : Harivillu Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A romantic comedy entertainer, Naa Rakumarudu has all the necessary commercial elements that are necessary to make a mass audience appeal. At an outer glance, the movie appears to be a routine college drama between two students who tries to showcase love and romance in unique and interesting way.

Bindu (Ritu Varma) is a bubbly, chirpy and happy-go-lucky girl. She falls in love with a rich, handsome and arrogant guy Vaishnav (Naveen Chandra), who is brought up in a traditional family. Initially, Vaishnav also loves her. However, consequences bring hate between the two and hence Bindu decides to end her life.

Naa Rakumarudu Songs

  • Thapeshwaram Khaja
    Artists: Revanth
    Lyrics: Krishna Chinni
  • Hey Listen
    Artists: Achu
    Lyrics: Kedharnath
  • Endhuko
    Artists: Hemachandra, Malavika
    Lyrics: Balaji
  • Hey Girl
    Artists: Karunya, Achu, Deepthi Chariya
    Lyrics: Kedharnath
  • Kannullo Mounam
    Artists: Sri Krishna, Srivaani
    Lyrics: Balaji
  • Theeram
    Artists: Pranavi
    Lyrics: Krishna Chinni
  • Inka Endhukee
    Artists: Sri Chitra
    Lyrics: Vanamaali


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