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Movie title : Mutamestri
Cast: Chiranjeevi (as Mestri / Minister), Meena, Roja (as Persona Secretary to Minister), Bramhanandam (as Assistant to Mestri), Gummadi, Allu Ramalingayya, Somiyajulu (as Freedom fighter), Babu Mohan

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Mestri (Chiranjeevi) is an uneducated construction worker in an urban area. The vegetable market yard was vacated forcefully by the local MLA for which Mestri resists. The news becomes sensational when Mestri and the market yard workers stage a dharna opposite the house of the Minister. This goes to the attention of the Chief Minister who forces the Minister to step down.

The local MLA is killed and Mestri is persuaded to stand up in the election. Because of his closeness to the people, he wins the election easily and ultimately becomes a Minister with a condition that he will do what he feels good ignoring the rules and the law.

Mestri - Minister does good work on one side and exposes the scams of his fellow ministers on the other and thus draws ire of the cabinet and other ministers.

Mutamestri Songs

  • e petaku neene mestiri..
  • Anjani putruda veerathi veeruda..


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