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Money Money More Money

Money Money More Money

Movie title : Money Money More Money
Cast: J D Chakravarthy (as Chekri), Brahmanandam (as Khan Dada), Gajala, Tara Alisha, Bramhaji (as Raghu), Mukul Dev (as Abbas), Kavin Dave (as Goga), Tara Alisha (as Meghana), Gajala (as Trishna, sales girl), Mayuri (as Champa, maid servant), Rekha (as Geeta Madhuri, daughter), Rama Prabha (as Grand Mother, mother-in-law of Khan dada), Geetika (as Sweety, daughter of Khan dada), Allari Subhashini (as Servant), Jeeva (as Tirumala Shetty), Venu Madhav (as Shankara Bharanam, pizza delivery, Rajeev Kanakala (as police constable, husband of C, Ram Jagan (as Dathatreya), Duvasi Mohan (as Munuswamy), Taarzan (as Pizza Shop Owner), Surya (as Babloo khan), Narasimha (as Sunil Shetty), Gundu Sudarshan (as Sampangi), Shashank (as Inspector, in a guest appearance), Chandra Mohan (as Jagan Pataudi, Secretary to Jagadish), Naga babu (as Jagadish, rich businessman), Chalapati Rao (as Mohan Gandhi, Real-estate broker), Subbaraju (as Azharuddin), Senthil (as Dr Sabapati, Veterinary doctor), Jakie (as PT Paul); Jhansi (as Jayapradha)
Music : Chakri; Background Music: Amar Mohile
Camera : Cinematography: Bharani K Dharan
Editor : 'Editor' Venkatesh
Dialouges : Maruduri Raja

Screenplay :J D Chakravarthy
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastry
Art : Raghu Kulakarni
Stills : Sai Maganti, Madduri Subbarao
Audio : Sound Effects: K Raghunath; Audiography: Shyamala
Choreographer : V Kaladhar
Presenter : Reliance Entertainment
Direction : J D Chakravarthy
Co-Director: M Narsimha Rao
Producer : K Satyanarayana
Banner : Chekravarthy Productions (in Association with Firs

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is about four guys who are thrown out of their work and are in desperate need of money. They decide to kidnap a rich girl and demand money from their parents. They succeed in kidnapping a girl and put her at a bungalow. The girl is tied along with the owners of the bungalow. As visitors keep coming to the bungalow, they are also put into custody. As money is about to arrive, differences emerge between the four guys leading to a comedy of errors. Police arrives and puts a climax to the movie. While one of the guy is arrested for his cruel mind, the other three settles well with the money.

Movie Facts

  • The shooting of the movie was completed by January 2011 and post-productions works are taken after that.
  • The movie is the third sequel of the movies Money and Money Money


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