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Movie title : Mask
Rating: 2.0
Release Date : 2012
Cast: Jiiva (as hero Lee, kung-fu fighter), Narain (as Dragon, the villain), Pooja Hegde (as heroine), Nassar (as Commissioner of Police Gaurav), Anupama Kumar, Girish Karnad (as Lee's Grand father)
Music : Krishnakumar
Photography : Sathya
Audio : UTV
Direction : Mysskin
Producer : NV Prasad, Paris Jain
Banner : Mega Super Good FIlms, UTV Motion Pictures, Lone W

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie begins with a masked gang robbing money and jewellery from a house. An old lady who tried to stop them is killed by being hit with a hammer. Commissioner Gaurav (Nassar) is deputed by a team of police officers to identify and tackle the criminals.

Lee (Jiiva) gets trained along with his other friends in the hands of his poor master. The master is pasionate about Kung-fu so much that he trains anyone interested without even charging any fee. Needless to say, he cannot even afford to pay rent to his own house.

Dragon (Narain) runs a kung-fu school in a town. He maintains a gang and leads the baddies. The gang does criminal activities silently at the dark.

Lee turns into the mask hero of the movie with the help of his grandfather (Girish Karnad) and two other friends. Lee gets access to a file from the hands of Commissioner Gaurav's daughter whom he silently loves.

The movie ends with Lee killing the Dragon.

Movie Facts

  • Qube Digital Cinema are Digital Cinema Partners
  • The movie is a dubbed from Tamil.
  • Few scenes of the movie are shot at Marg Karaikal Port, SKP Engineering College, JBA Steels in Thiruvannamalai
  • Hero and Bisleri Mountain Water are brand partners for the movie.
  • The film is dedicated to our Grand Master Bruce Lee

Mask Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Chaduvukuntunnavade evadoo kung-fu nerchukovataniki raadu
    English Translation: Any one pursuing education will not come to (learn) kung-fu.


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