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Movie title : Masala
Release Date : November 14, 2013
Cast: Venkatesh (as Balram), Ram (as Rahman), Anjali, Shahzahn Padamsee, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ali, M S Narayana, Posani, Kovai Sarala
Music : S S Thaman
Photography : Andrew
Presenter : D Ramanaidu
Direction : Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer : Suresh Babu, Sravanthi Ravikishore
Banner : Sravanthi Movies, Suresh Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A comedy entertainer, the movie is a about a guy who has to change his identity from Rehman to Ram in order to earn a job at the house of a landlord who hates being told lies. The movie ends up with the landlord understanding situation in which Ram told lies and excuses him.

Rahman (Ram) goes out of money after unsuccessfully trying to get his property by judicial means. He loses his cab which is his breadwinner. He goes to his well-wisher uncle (M S Narayana) in search of a job so as to take care of himself and his sister Sania (Anjali).

Upon reaching the town of his uncle, he finds a boy getting drowned in a temple pond. Rehman force opens the temple doors to rescue the boy. He later comes to know that the temple was closed because of rivalry between two groups. Ali convinces everyone that Ram (name of Rehman changed) did so in order to save the boy. With this incident, the name of Ram is changed to Rehman and thus begins a chain of telling lies. Ram finally makes it to the house of Balram (Venkatesh) where he gets employed for Rs. 40000. Balram is a most powerful man in the village and the one thing he hates the most is liars. Despite Rahman ends up with a job in Balram's office, he is constantly afraid that his real identity gets revealed.

One day, Balram finds Ram in a mosque and this incident leads Rahman has to portray and live with two different identities. Ram turns to Rehman, a gay and a dance teacher, in order to get himself saved from the situation. Balram engages Rehman as the dance teacher to his sister Shahzahn Padamsee.

Yeddu (Jayaprakash Reddy) is the assistant of Balram and doubts the identity of Ram. The movie ends with Balram getting to know the real identity of Ram. After a series of events, Balram understands the situation in which Ram is forced to lie and excuses him.

Masala Songs

  • Ninu Choodani
    Artists: Ranjith, Shreya Ghoshal
  • Kotlallo Okkaday
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan
  • Meenakshi Meenakshi
    Artists: Suchith Suresan, MM Manasi
  • Acharey Acharey
    Artists: Ranjith, Bindu
  • Masala (Remix)
    Artists: Rahul Nambiar, Naveen Madhav, Bindu


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