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Manchi Manasu

Manchi Manasu

Movie title : Manchi Manasu
Cast: Krishnamraju, Madhavi, Prabha
Direction : Mohan Gandhi and Kotayya Pratyagatma

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Nassar is a Head Constable with the Police Department and strives for changing the police system. He is disciplined and is devote to his duty. He inspires and also gets his son Surya (Srikanth) enter into the police department and makes him become a constable. Unlike his father, Srikanth has no faith in the police system, feels it is corrupt and says that a municipal job is a much better one because it involves some bit of cleaning.

At this juncture, an NRI, Lakshmi Krishna Prasad (Krishna) comes to Vijayawada with a goal of changing the city into a dream city and serve the city. However, the city is in the grip of goons who cause havoc and police are a mere spectators. Krishna Prasad is killed by Pradeep Rawat. Nassar is also killed in the process.

Surya now wishes to realize the goal of his father of changing the police system. He now begins to realise that the society will not change unless there is a change in police system. He kidnaps Krishna Prasad's daughter Manjula and both of them does something remarkable. Like Surya, Manjula too wants to realize the goal of his father. She and Surya ask the government to give Vijayawada on lease for three months so that they will set the system right. The duo succeeds in adopting the city and begins to bring in reforms. A telephone number is setup so that the public, instead calling up the police station, can call them up for instant justice.

The movie draws some leads from movies such as NTR's Bobbili Puli and Chiranjeevi's Tagore as well as about illegal money that are lying in the Swiss Banks. Surya believes in punishing the criminal and not to go through the length process of filing FIR and waiting for the judgement but in instant punishment.

Charmy falls in love with him after he steals a Ganesh idol from her house and puts it in a neighborhood where people urinate, his aim is to give the place a sanctity and stop people from defecating it. The director thinks the audience might be short of entertainment so he brings in Brahmanandam who suddenly disappears sensing that henceforth he will have no role in the story and Srikanth will take over.


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