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Movie title : Manasara
Release Date : December 10, 2010
Cast: Harsha Vardham (debut movie), Hema (debut movie), Vikram (as Vikram), Sri Divya (as Anjali)
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Direction : Ravi Babu
Producer : Prakash Babu

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Days barely passed after the release of Amaravathi and Ravi Babu is back again with a new movie to impress his audience. The youthful love story has a set in the backdrop of Kerala. In which, movie also focuses on a century-old Kerala martial art called Kalari.

Vikram is an awkward-looking, telugu guy who was trained in Film institute. Sri Divya is into television serials. Sri Divya hails from a Malayali family who is into training the Kerala art of fighting, the Kalari. Sri Divya is constantly abused and slapped by her family members and is desperately looking for happiness and love.

Ravibabu revealed some plot lines about movie manasara in a tv studio while discussing about the audio of Manasara. The movie has a story that is told from the hearts of characters by the director. It is a regular boy meets girl kind of story that follows a typical 5-act structure that gets followed since ages.

Movie Facts

  • The movie celebrated its Platinum disc release function in December 2010.


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