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Movie title : Mallanna
Release Date : 2008
Cast: Vikram (as CBI Officer Mallanna, as Lord Mallanna), Shriya Saran (as Subbalakshmi, daughter of PPP), Krishna (as head of CBI), Indrajit, Prabhu Ganesan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vivek, Santhanam, Vadivelu, Bramhanandam
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Direction : Susi Ganeshan
Producer : Kalaipuli S Dhanu
Banner : V Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is the story of a CBI office working in the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) Mallanna IPS (played by Vikram) who convinces his boss and CBI Head (played by Superstar Krishna) that distributing the money seized by CBI to the poor will help elevate poverty in the country.

The movie begins with Mallanna convincing his boss to raid the house of PPP, a well-known businessman. Mallanna forms special teams and raids the house of PPP. Corrupt are always smart and hence PPP puts his documents and money inside the house floor on which a dog barks. The CBI officers could not find anything during their raid but the even smarter Mallanna gets to know the location of the documents. He takes out a hammer, breaks the follor and unearths the assets. The team continues their investigation. Meanwhile, a telephone call, possibly from some head asking to stop the raid, comes to the landline of PPP. Mallanna picks it, trashes the phone and asks his fellow raid team members to switch off their phones. Another landline on the top floor rings and it was Subbalakshmi (played by Shreya), the daughter of PPP who makes the call. She says that his father was already aware of CBI raid and asks Mallanna to pass on a message that her dance show will be telecasted live on internet and asks her father to watch it. Algera song comes in. Mallanna watches the song and gets impressed about her.

News comes out that whatever problems written on paper and attached to a tree in Mallanna temple in Srisailam are getting solved. People queues up in large numbers to put their papers. A special police investigation is initiated to find out the people behind the operation. DIG Parandham appears to be working alone and is compared to Prakash Raj in Tagore. They trace some gold allegedly granted by Lord Mallana to Ameerpet jewellers and sends police team there.

Subbalakshmi comes back to her home and tries to take revenge on Mallanna. She visits his office, tears her clothes and tries to get attention saying Mallanna is attempting rape on her. The police who watches her acts of CCTV camera says she would get arrested for the indecent acts. Mallanna interferes and sends her away.

Subbalakshmi gets to know that Mallanna is cool and is difficult to beat but makes a try by engaging a team of goons to kill him. The top most shooting team is engaged for the purpose and is sent to his house but they fail in their murder attempt on the cautious Mallanna who already notices their movement near his house. Malla Malla Mallanna title song comes next.

Mallanna as a CBI officer continues his seizure of illegal cash and on mask, with his team, distributes the money to the poor. He and his small team supports him except for one who questions if this is right.

Subbalakshmi having lost in her previous attempt makes a fresh challenge before her father that what a shooter gang was unable to do, a sexy girl can. So she goes to his house and apologies for her previous act. She continues to follow her but he doesn't respond. In the process, one day, Mallanna goes to Srisailam and Shreya follows. Mallanna goes to the temple and puts a letter saying that he loves Subbalakshmi. Subbalakshmi who is following him reads the letter. Mallanna tells his team that it was his step to induce her to him and that his love is just acting. Subbalakshmi tells her friend that he love is just acting.

Subbalakshmi comes to Mallan's office to the next day and invites him for coffee.

She takes him on her charterd airplane and serves coffee there. Sipping coffee, he says the coffee has everything except for one thing.

One day Lord Mallana gets a request letter that the poor needs housing. Mallana feels that it is not just the Government but even the rich can solve the problems of the poor. He selects the owner of R M Group of Companies to do this by kidnapping him and taking money from him in the guise of Lord Mallanna. An aethestetic, he approaches the police and tells that his kidnapper has given a list of people to take dattattu and that he does not believe in all these. He reveals that someone in the guise of a superman with cock features has hijacked his bus. But while making the press statement, his personal secretary comes to him and tells that CBI raided his office. RM retracts immediately statement and takes agrees to take village dattatu.

One day Mallanna team receives a request that he wants to dance with Aishwarya. Mallana feels that people need to be serious about Lord Mallanna and hence he wears a makeup of Aishwarya Rai and punches the group that made the request in order to teach him a lesson.

The Parandham's team uses the house of priest with two unmarried daughters and sets cameras in his house in order to nab the operative. The police team writes the request letter and attaches it to the tree. Mallanna discovers this and puts the letter in a box and throws in the priest's house.

Mallanna tells the chief priest of Mallanna teample to continue to throw the requests in the pond.

Subbalakshmi invests Mallanna to her house. She comes out of the bath tub and here comes the song Meo Meo Pilli.

Parandham's team understands that there is a priest amongst the group of temple priests who is delivering the devotee letters to someone. Parandham, in the process finds an old man with a requisition letter. He takes the letter and asks his assistant to file it in his office. The assistant who happens to be member of Mallanna's team gives it to him. Mallanna goes to the farm of the old man that night and tells him to sell his farm to the person who pays him money by 10 AM in the morning. As expected, a zamindar comes with money bags and tells he is interested to buy the farm. CBI team headed by Mallanna raids and takes custody of the cash. Mallanna gives some cash to the farmer and tells that the hard-working will always be paid. With this, he induces faith in people that it is not just for letters that Lord Mallanna responds. Parandham understands that his assistant is one of the helper in the Lord Mallanna operation.

PPP watches the news and approaches the zamindar and tells him to set a trap and kill the family. The zamindar does so and Mallana comes there to save the family of the farmer.

Parandham approaches the CBI head and gets a copy of the CBI team who raided the farmer. He gets a doubt on Mallanna IPS.

Both PPP and Parandham understands that Mallanna IPS is the person in the disguise of Lord Mallanna. The police arrests and interrogates Mallanna IPS but he doesn't accept that he is Mallanna initially. Subbalakshmi agrees to act being raped and helps the police in their investigation and appears to have been tortured in the opposite room where Mallanna is investigated. Mallanna IPS agrees to reveal and tells his story. He however comes to know that the police interrogation setup is fake and was setup by PPP. He regrets having revealed his story. Mallanna's flash back ones in.

Mallanna and his friends come to Hyderabad in search of a job and does petty jobs. Ivanni doopu song follows. Mallanna's fellow Pizza delivery boy gets his hand chopped when a rich business man offers Rs. 20 lakhs to a goon if he brings the hand of Mallanna. Earlier the businessman and Mallanna confronts over a petty issue.

Mallanna feels that it is the black money that has grown so large that it is so casually used to get the hands of an unknown person chopped for Rs. 20 lakhs. Hence he decides to use the route of the name of God to offer help to the people.

After reviling the story, Mallanna IPS understands that it was PPP who has set a trap and has got to know his story. Subbalakshi appears and indicates she has won over him.

PPP calls the rich businessman of R M Group who in turn calls the goon who chopped the hand of Mallanna. The goon gets surprised to know that Mallan's hand is intact. The businessman tries to shoot Mallanna but PPP stops him.

Meanwhile, the Parandham's team gets the foreigners who helped a devotee in the past and gathers more information about the route in which financial help is delivered to the devotees.

Subbalakshmi understands her fault when her friend tells how bad her father was when he has setup a person to act in the rape of his own daughter.

PPP and the businessman offer a deal to Mallanna in which Mallanna is to get 50% of their blackmoney seized by him during the raid. Mallanna agrees to the offer and asks PPP to get a fake passport for him so that he can go to Mexico and deposit his money in the bank account there. Subbalakshmi, in order to help Mallanna, offers herself to escort him in the trip.

Meanwhile, another police office comes to PPP and tells that the actually seized and reported money had a difference and that he is suspicious of Mallanna IPS and his team. PPP says that Mallanna is a strict officer and has belief on him.

Mallanna and Subbalakshmi embark a flight to Mexico in which the police officer too embarks and follows Mallanna. After landing, Mallanna and Subbalakshmi are received by a local goon where Mallanna get to know the modus operandi of the black money cycle. The helicopter lands at a place where the goon reviews the killing of traitors. The journey continues and at one location, the two gets down for a small retreat. Mama Mammma mia song follows. The two gets back on the helicopter and the helicopter journey continues.

The police officer who is following Mallanna captures the photograph of the aide of PPP in Mexico on his mobile phone and emails it to his Hyderabad team and asks for the identity.

Mallanna's friends raid the Hyderabad contact of Mexico goon and use him to transfer money to Mexico which Mallanna transfers to PPP's Mexico account. He asks Subbalakshmi to check and confirm the money transfer. She calls her dad and confirms this. PPP calls the businessman and confirms receiving the money and since the job is done, he asks him to kill Mallanna. Since he is on a fake passport there will not be any problem.

Mallanna hacks to PPPs bank account using hints given by Subbalakshmi and re-tranfers the money back to an Indian account so that it can be used to fund the poor.

As instructed, the Mexico goon takes away Subbalakshmi on his helicopter and asks his team to kill Mallanna. The team surrounds Mallanna and gets reach to kill him. Mallanna intelligently manages to escape from them. The police officer following Mallanna in Mexico saves Mallanna at the nick of the moment and helps him in the escape. The duo arrests the Mexico goon and comes back to India. PPP calls the CBI chief and informs him that Mallanna had been abroad on fake passport. To his surprise, policemen comes to receive him instead of arresting. Mallanna and the police officer shows the report he made on the blackmoney and India - Mexico connection and puts the Mexico goon before them. PPP calls CBI head who says that Mallanna had been to Mexico on permission from Delhi as part of his investigation. Subbalakshmi comes out of the car and appears before Mallanna who appears as if he has taken revenge over her.

Mallanna meets the APs biggest blackmoney holder Businessman Bikshapathi and offers a deal to handover the money but he warns Mallanna by blasting his motorbike few yards away before he and Subbalakshmi gets embarked while on a long drive. Earlier, the Mexico goon is killed after few masked men enters into CBI office.

DIG Parandham continues his investigation and finds out that Mallanna and his friends are close since childhood and that they might be behind the Lord Mallanna operation. They continue with collecting more evidence since the evidence they have currently is insufficient to arrest Mallanna.vParandham gets hold of one member of Mallanna's team and gets to know the exact location from where Mallanna did his operations. But before the team goes there, Mallanna copies the data on CDs, destroys the computes and escapes from there. Earlier PPPs PA goes to CBI head and gives him a tape on Mallanna's confession but the CBI head replaces it for a real procession of Lord Mallanna.

Mallanna gets ready to raid RM Group of Companies and gets all his teams ready for it. RM will enjoy the company of call girls. Naa Peru Meenakumari follows. At the end of the song, he is found culprit and Mallanna is arrested and brought before court but the police couldn't show proof of the source of money. The court directs the authorities to transfer Mallanna who will be posted in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Mallanna and Subbalakshmi are seen at a temple in Jaipur where Mallanna appears to be still continuing his operation of collecting letters from devotees and making them real.

Movie Facts

  • Few shots of the movie are taken in Mexico
  • A scene in the movie is shot at Ramoji Film City in November 2007
  • The movie is made as Kandaswamy in Tamil

Mallanna Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Atanini pitchivadini chesthe paravaledu kaani nuvvu pichidanivaaku
    English Translation: It is okay if you do not make him mad but be sure you wont get mad at him.
  • Naa peru emito telusa?
    PPP ante? Sannaya?


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