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Movie title : Mahalakshmi
Release Date : 1980
Cast: Shoban Babu (as Shankaram), Vanisree (as Bhavani), Subashini (Jaya), Sakshiranga Rao, Prabhakar Reddy (as Shankaram's Brother), Kantha Rao, Satyanarayana (Prabhakara Rao, father of Subhasini), Mada, Chitti Babu
Direction : Rajachandra

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Sobhan babu lives with his elder brother. Being unemployed, Sobhan babu will have a tough time in the joint family. He marries Vanisree who tries to adjust to the situation in the family. With situation mounting, Sobhan babu decides to leave for town and return only after earning money. He leaves in a boat which capsizes and the boatman returns home with the message that he is gone in tide. However Vanisree feels he is still alive.

Shankar is rescued be Jaya (Subhasini) and her friends at the beach. He is given medication and is brought to normal. Rest of the movie rotates on how he becomes rich and how he returns back home.

Prabhakar Reddy, on a visit to the town finds that Shankaram is still alive. He returns back and informs Vanisree of the same. Venisree does not believe this and to find out the truth, she goes to town in a train. Shankaram returns to his home town in an opposite train. At home, Shankaram finds that that Bhavani went to town. He makes a heater argument with his brothers wife. Later he returns to town only to find that Bhavani is rescued by Jaya at the Railway station when some goons attack to molest her. Jaya and Bhavani become close to each other and begin to call sisters. Later Shankaram explains that Jaya is soon to die and that he is acting for her in order to make happy.

Mahalakshmi Songs

  • O baby tell me tell me do you love me...
  • Allari cheese voohallo.. Allari chesse mookallo.. Featuring: Shoban Babu,
  • Yennelantha veela.. featuring Shoban Babu, Vanisree


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