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Madhura Kshanam

Madhura Kshanam

Movie title : Madhura Kshanam
Release Date : March 2001

Screenplay :Aalla Rambabu
Direction : Aalla Rambabu
Banner : Rajyalakshmi Films

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Medical students Kiriti and Anuja plans to get married. On their engagement day, a boy meets with an accident. Kiriti comes forward and volunteers to give blood. However, when his blood is tested, it is declared HIV positive. His world is shattered and his family shuns him, but Anuja sticks to her guns about marrying him. A flashback shows that he had a one-night stand with a Manipuri girl and hence the affliction.

After some stupid melodrama, Anuja marries Kiriti against everyone's wishes. The movie tries to explain how AIDS is. The various patients coming to Anuja's Hospital are used to feed the story. Anuja reacts severely to the growing incidents of AIDS and hence decides to wage a war against AIDS. She speaks to the CM about it and attempts to create awareness about the disease throughout the state.


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