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Movie title : Lucky
Release Date : November 1, 2012
Cast: Srikanth (Lakshmi Narayana aka Lucky), Meghana Raj (wife of Lucky), Jayasudha, Roja (as Boss), Brahmanandam, Ali, Raghu Babu, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, AVS (father of Lucky, vaastu-loving character), Sana (as Mother of Lucky), Thagubothu Ramesh, Dhan Raj, P Saikumar, Geeta (Dr Sathya, Psychologist)
Music : Sai Kartik

Screenplay :Hari
Photography : Srinivas Reddy
Direction : Hari
Producer : Raja Rajeswari
Banner : Raja Rajeswari Pictures

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Actor Meka Srikanth, popular for his family drama movies of the early 2000 had experienced a series of solo film flops and is now trying his luck once again with Lucky. A travel agent Lakshmi Narayana alias Lucky (Srikanth) hails from a middle class joint family. He loves his family and gives his salary to his mother.

Lucky feels that women are self-centered and that all his problems are because of them. He feels that every lady around him his wife (Meghana Raj), television serial addicted mother (Sana), his sister (who tries her luck to be a celebrity designer), his boss at workplace (Roja) are all a big trouble for him. An accident turns Lucky really lucky when a goddess grants him the ability of listening to the thoughts of women. This advantage soon turns troublesome and frustrating, particularly listening to women who wish their mother-in-law is dead or those ladies who ogle and fantasize men other than their husbands. Lucky is given some time off work by his boss but he, instead, takes all his family members to a vacation. Despite a little upset, his wife adjusts to the situation and this is when he understands his wife even more.

Lucky goes to psychologist Dr Sathya (Geetha) for help and the treatment works with Lucky changing his view from hating women to having a good / positive opinion about them in the process. Dr Sathya says that the ability to understand women's thoughts is actually a boon that most men want.

Few terrorists' plots to cause unrest in the city of Hyderabad and the family drama of Lucky is put at the crux of the terror attempts. As the movie reaches the end, Lucky loses his power, may be because he no longer needs it having understood the women better now.

Lucky Songs

  • Ori Shankara
    Artists: Srikanth
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
    Approximate Song Duration: 03:16:00 minutes
  • Nee Mounam
    Artists: Karthik
    Lyrics: Balaji
    Approximate Song Duration: 03:30:00 minutes
  • Ammavari Theme
    Artists: Bindu, Sudha
    Lyrics: Theme Music
    Approximate Song Duration: 02:08:00 minutes
  • Sariga Choosthey
    Artists: Karthik
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:08:00 minutes
  • Oogay Oogay Lokalu
    Artists: Hemachandra, Divija Karthik
    Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:03:00 minutes
  • Theme of Lucky
    Artists: Dinakar, Sai Charan
    Lyrics: Theme Music
    Approximate Song Duration: 00:39:00 minutes


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