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Law And Order

Law And Order

Movie title : Law And Order
Rating: 1.0
Release Date : March 15, 2002
Cast: Sai Kumar (as Surya), Asish Vidyarthi (as Don Chota), Rami Reddy, Ashok Kumar, Sarat Babu (as Home Minister Mahendra Chowdhary)
CBFC Movie Rating : UA
Music : Vidya Sagar
Camera : Ashok
Dialouges : Raci Srivatsav
Screenplay :Siva Mani
Stunts : Horseman Babu
Direction : Siva Mani
Producer : Prasad Rao & Basha / Ramu

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Surya (Saikumar) is a computer engineer. He gets involved in a murder that was planned by Home Minister Mahendra Chowdhary (Sarat Babu). The Home Minister is actually eying to become the Chief Minister uses Surya as a pawn. Mahendra pretends to be a social worker and pulls Surya into his game. Innocent Surya falls for it believing Mahendra to be his well-wisher.

Underworld Don Chota (Asish Vidyarthi) plays underworld don Chota who lives by extortion and murders. When Chota shifts his base from Mumbai to the city, Mahendra encourages Surya to finish him off - not to clean the society of criminals but to remove a blackmailer from his own life. Eventually Surya realizes what kind of a man he's working for.

Mahendra refuses to come to Surya's and when police corner him. Chota, on the other hand, kills his family members. When Surya tries to retaliate, he is brutally stabbed and thrown out of a window.

The hero survives, after spending six years in coma, and returns to settle scores.


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