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Lagna Patrika

Lagna Patrika

Movie title : Lagna Patrika
Release Date : February 22, 2002
Cast: Prudhvi (as Subhash, Sub-Inspector), Sanghavi (as Vaishnavi), Phaniraj Kumar, Brahmanandam, Costumes Krishna, Ahuti Prasad (as Mahendra), Jeeva, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Surya, Ramana Murthy, Sangeeta, Raksha, Urvasi Patel
Music : Raaz
Dialouges : Phani Raj Kumar

Screenplay :NV Subbaraju
Art : Murali
Photography : NS Raju
Direction : NV Subbaraju
Producer : C Kausalyendra Rao / P Kowsalendra Rao
Banner : Vaani Film International

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The marriage of a sub-inspector Subhash (Prithivi) is fixed with Vaishnavi (Sanghavi) and that of her sister Divaya with Avinash. The lagnam (date, time and venue for marriage) was fixed and a Lagna Patrika (statement agreeing about the marriage) was written. However, with one day left for the marriage to happen, Divaya elopes with her lover Narendra (Surya). She marries him in a temple only to realize later that he is a mafia leader. The crooked Narendra sends two of his friends into the nuptials room to her utter shock. She manages to escape from them and returns home. This incident makes Subhash's parents cancel the engagement of their son Vaishnavi.

Narendra's henchmen arrive to take back Divya and while forcing her to move, they choke her parents (Ramanamurthy and Sangeeta) to death. Vaishnavi decides to bring the villains to justice and seeks help from the unhelpful police officer (Vinod) who supports Narendra. She then meets Narendra's elder brother Mahendra (Ahuti Prasad), the real don, to seek justice. But the latter tries to rape her. She evenges and stabs Mahendra to death.

With the killing of Mahendra, she becomes 'killer' Vaishnavi. With the help of Mastan (Jeeva) and journalist Avinash (Manojkumar), who loves Divya, Vaishnavi eliminates all the rowdies and surrenders to the police, only to be released in a year to marry Subhash. Divya is also taken by her former fiancÚ Avinash.

Lagna Patrika Songs

  • Musture.. Masture..


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