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Ladies And Gentlemen

Ladies And Gentlemen

Movie title : Ladies And Gentlemen
Release Date : June 2001
Cast: Arjun (as friend of vineeth), Sakshi Sivanand (as fiance of Arjun), Vineeth (as Businessman), Divya (as wife of Vineeth)
Music : Vidyasagar

Screenplay :Arjun
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra, Vennelakanti
Fights : Arjun
Presenter : Arjun
Direction : Arjun
Producer : C H Ramakrishna
Banner : Victory Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Arjun loves his fiance Sakshi Sivanand and the two are about to get married. Sakshi Sivanand dies falling from the steps on her way to the wedding place. Arjun gets upset. Few days later he lands in the house of his friend (Vineeth, Divya) who are a young couple and are about get separated. Arjun stays with them but considering that the two are on the edge of getting separated, he does not reveal his true story.

Arjun, with the help of another friend, ropes in stories to make Vineeth and Divya realize the importance of marriage, marital life and the importance of children in the family.

In the climax, another friend of Arjun visits him and reveals the true story of Arjun.

Ladies And Gentlemen Songs

  • Oh! Ruba
  • Ontiga Intlo
  • Thellanaina
  • Hay! Kotha Kothaga
  • Mruduvaina Maata
  • Hay! Meenalochani


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