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Krishna Loves Geetha

Krishna Loves Geetha

Movie title : Krishna Loves Geetha
Cast: Ajai Rao (as Krishna), Radhika Pandit (as Geetha), Umashri, Achuth Kumar, Sharan, Harsha, Pradeep, Chandra
Music : Sridhar V Sambhram
Photography : Shekhar Chandra
Direction : Shashank

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

An emotional romantic film, Krishna loves Geetha is about a middle-class girl Geetha (Radhika Pandit) loves Krishna (Ajai Rao) but suppresses her feelings because of her responsibilities towards the family. She is afraid of the society in general and to her drunkard brother who always ill-treats her. She elopes Narendra (Pradeep), the son of a rich man, with a view to have his money.

A ghastly incident makes her difficult to face the society. Hero Krishna comes up to her rescue.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is a Kannada movie dubbed into Telugu.


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