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Kotta Bangaru Lokam

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Kotta Bangaru Lokam

Movie title : Kotta Bangaru Lokam
Release Date : 2008
Cast: Varun Sandesh (as college student), Swetha Prasad (as college student), Prakash Raj (as father of Varun Sandesh), Jayasudha (as mother and guide of Varun Sandesh), Rso Ramesh (as Physics lecturer), Ahuti Prasad (as father of Swetha)
Music : Micky J Meyers

Direction : Addala Srikanth
Producer : Dil Raju
Banner : Sri Venkateswara Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Varun Sandesh and Swetha Prasad enter into a hostel-linked-college in the first year of their Intermediate. Their master (Rao Ramesh) is a unique physics teacher. Brahmanandam is their college principal. Varun and Swetha escapes from college to have some fun time away from their routine studies. Swetha falls into trouble and manages to escape just in time.

Varun goes to the house of Swetha, meets her father and says he will marry her. Swetha's father make-believes him and sends him away but his intentions are different. Varun and Swetha plans to run away from the house. Father of Varun Sandesh (Prakash Raj) has a blind belief on his son and thinks he will achieve something big. He however dies in a freak train accident forcing Varun to ignore Swetha and take the responsibility of the family affairs on to him.

Varun believes that Swetha might have been taken away by her parents but was actually resuced by the master Rao Ramesh. Rao Ramesh takes the girl to Varun's mother (Jaya Sudha) who tells her to study hard. Varun too studies well and completes his Engineering alongside taking care of the business his father has setup. His mother boards a train to come to the city just in time when Varun has finished his court and is about to take the certificate at a convocation. The train gets delayed and Varun comes to the railway station to receive his mother. At the railway station, he sees Swetha's father. The cooled father asks about how Swetha is. Varun boards a surprise and tells the story. Rao Ramesh and Jaya Sudha comes just in time and tells the facts to the two. Swetha appears back and the happy couple gets united.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is in shooting phase at Araku valley, Viisakhaptnam in January 2008
  • Shooting of the movie will begin in December 2007
  • This is the first movie for Addala Srikanth as a Director
  • Producer Dil Raj found interest in the story of the movie when working on Bhadra

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