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Movie title : Khaleja
Release Date : October 7, 2010
Cast: Mahesh Babu (as Alluri Seeta Rama Raju / Raju, Taxi Driver with Orange cabs, Anushka Shetty (as Subhashini / Subbu, daughter of a rich businessman), Prakash Raj (as GK, multinational businessman), Sunil (as Babji, Reporter / Correspondent for Gemini TV), Brahmanandam (as Miriyam, Lawyer for DP), Tanikella Bharani (as DP, Businessman), Ali (as Tom Cruise / Tom, Professor / Researcher, collector of desert plans), Shafi (as Sidappa), Rao Ramesh (as Village head of Pali), Penumatsa Subbaraju (as Govardhan)
Music : Mani Sharma

Screenplay :Yash Bhatt, Sunil Patel
Presenter : S Satya Rammurthy
Direction : Trivikram Srinivas
Producer : Singanamala Ramesh, C Kalyan, S Satya Rama Murthy
Banner : Kanakaratna Movies / Geetha Arts

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A dropout from school, Raju (Mahesh Babu) comes to the city to start a career as a taxi driver. He joins Orange cabs. The first three times that Raju meets with Subhashini aka Subbu (Anushka Shetty), he suffers a huge loss to his cab. In their second encounter, Raju gets hospitalized. After return from the hospital, Raju re-joins to his taxi duty and on one such occasion, he drops two people in his taxi to the Geological survey office. One of the two is a geologist.

The geologist forgets his wallet in the taxi and Raju goes to return it. To his shock, someone shoots and kills the geologist in the building. The geologist's assistant, in a bid to escape, jumps from the window and dies damaging Raju's taxi in the process. Raju's manager suggests Raju to go to Rajasthan and give the life insurance money of Rs. 5 lakhs to the assistant geologist family, and ask them to reimburse Rs. 1 Lakh, the cost of taxi's repairs. Raju agrees to this and starts to Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, Subbu's father looks for an alliance and finalises the match with Amit, son of G.K. (Prakash Raj), as they both wanted to join hands in business.

Amit takes Subbu to Rajasthan in a helicopter, presumably on a date. Finding some condoms with him, Subbu realizes his intentions and runs away from him. She gets lost in the desert and once again, Subbu meets Raju. While they try to return to Andhra Pradesh, G.K.'s men attack Raju and stabs him. However, some villagers, who suffer numerous deaths from a mysterious disease takes Raju as their savior, as he fits the description of the village oracle's prophecy of the arrival of a savior. Some coincidences prove that Raju has divine powers.

Looking at how people are dieing just before his eyes, Raju resolves to solve their problem. He understands from the assistant of the dead geologist that it was GK who is silently killing the people in the village to get access to Iridium mines that lie underneath their homes. The Iridium that can be dig from the mines down there is believed to be useful to build satellites because of its unbreakable capabilities. It comes to be known that it is GK who arranged to kill the geologist as the later insisted that the location of the mines be told to the Government because it belong to the people of the country, much to the difference of GK who wishes to use the opportunity to become even more richer.

The rest of the story is about how Raju kills the goon and his men.

Movie Facts

  • This is the first movie for Mahesh Babu after a gap of almost 2 years
  • The movie is produced with a budget of Rs. 43 crores
  • The movie completed 100 days at Srinivasa Theater, Chitoor

Khaleja Songs

  • Sada Siva
    Artists: Ramesh Vinayagam, Karunya
  • Bhoom Shakana
    Artists: Ranjith, Shravana Bhargavi
  • Pileche
    Artists: Hema Chandra, Swetha
  • Makathika
    Artists: Karthik, Saindavi
  • Sunday Monday
    Artists: Hema Chandra, Malavika
  • Taxi
    Artists: Ranjith


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