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Movie title : Kedi
Release Date : February 2010
Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna (as Kedi), Mamta Mohandas (as hired-wife of Nagarjuna), Harsha Vardhan (as assistant to Nagarjuna), Brahmanandam (as assistant to Nagarjuna), Sayaji Shinde (as Assistant Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad), Ankur, Anushka

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Nagarjuna plays the role of a notty thief very well. This is evident from his Hello Brother and now once again with this movie. However, in this movie, like in Super, is a thief who makes big crimes for a handsome remuneration. Harsha vardhan and Brahmanandam are friends of Nagarjuna who assists him and gets paid in return.

On one occasion, he gets a wife on hire (played by Mamta Mohandas) in order to steal a necklace from a wedding reception.

Nagarjuna pays Mohandas Rs. 20,000, more than the Rs. 10,000 made during the deal for her nice acting. Mohandas instead asks him for an accommodation for herself and a kid. Nagarjuna, without any question, offers it. She slowly begins to learn newer tricks of trade (such as firing a pistol etc.) and continues to assist Nagarjuna.

Another don Chandu offers Nagarjuna Rs. 15 lakhs if the later can bring out a bag located in a boat seized by the customs. Using his intelligence, Nagarjuna gets the bag and asks Chandu to come to a beach to pick it up. Soon upon reaching the beach, another Hyderabadi-don offers Rs. 1 crore for the bag which Nagarjuna instantly accepts. He tries to avoid Chandu but the goons of the later fall behind Mohandas and the kid. Nagajuna tries to escape by taking away both of them but when the kid gets injured in the car-shootings, she opts to move out.

Kedi Songs

  • Kedigadu
    Artists: Sunidhi Chauhan
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Neeve Na Neeve Na
    Artists: Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Enduko Enthaki
    Artists: Saleem Shahida
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Short And Sweet
    Artists: Sandeep Chowta
    Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya
  • Relarey
    Artists: Sonu Kakkar
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Neelo Emunnadi
    Artists: Rahul Nambiar
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Janiya Jane
    Artists: Neha Kakkar
    Lyrics: Sandeep Chowta
  • Kedigadu (Orchestra)
    Artists: Sunidhi Chauhan
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan
  • Muddante (Remix)
    Artists: Tippu, Geetha Madhuri
    Lyrics: Chinni Charan


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