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Movie title : Kashmora
Cast: Sarath Babu (as Sridhar, Elder brother of Tulasi), Rajendra Prasad (as Darkha, Witchman from Orissa), Rajasekhar (as Dr. Rambabu), Nutan Prasad, Nirmalamma, Subhalekha Sudhakar (as Shadow), Rajeswari (as Siddeshwari)

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Darkha is a professional witchman from Orissa. He comes to Andhra Pradesh to kill three persons but lands himself into difficult situations. He falls into clutches of a Siddeshwari, a witchwomen but manages to escape from her den. Darkha reaches Shadow and tells that Siddeshwari is trying to take revenge on them. They find the telephone number of Dr. Rambabu and check up with him but he calmly escapes. People around him gets suspicious. Shadow mimicks Siddeshwari and gets to know that Rambabu has indeed injected Tulasi. Tulasi all of a sudden acts childish. Upon being asked, Tulasi says Kashmora is gonna get over her.

Darkha tries to stop Kashmora using his skills. In the meanwhile Sridhar reaches Siddeshwari's location and enters into an argument and finally gets her arrested. Darkha draws a Sri Chakram in Tulasi's room and begins performing puja but Sridhar stops him. Darkha is beaten badly but escapes from Sridhar's hands.

Nirmalamma who enters into Tulasi's room finds her missing. Sridhar comes to know of this and starts in search of Dharka with his pistol. Darkha goes to the burial ground where he finds Visachi there. Darkha and Vishachi enters into an argument. Due to Visachi's, Tulasi begins her walk to the burial ground. Darkha succeeds in stopping Visachi in his efforts to kill Tulasi. Tulasi falls down unconcious. Sridhar shoots at Dharka with his pistol. Dharka tells the fact that he has to die as he has to die for Kashmora.

Kashmora Songs

  • Taarala Druvathaarala..
    Shot at / Location: At the death scene of the baby
  • Kaalam.. Kaalam.. Yeda Kaalam
    Featuring: Bhanupriya and Rajasekhar
    Shot at / Location: Garden Song


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