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Movie title : Kamina
Release Date : September 2013
Cast: Krishn (as Siddhu), Sai Kumar (as Dharma), Ravi Babu (as Kalyan), Asish Vidyardhi (as Teja), Brahmaji (as Kailash), Lekha Washington
Direction : Lakshmikanth Chenna

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A straight remake of Bollywood film Johnny Gaddar, the movie has a five member gang that aims at becoming rich quickly. However, the greed of one of its member lands all into trouble.

Kalyan (Ravi Babu) is an inspector who busts an illegal drug consignment. He strikes a deal with Dharma to sell the material for 50% of its market value (which is Rs. 10 crores). Siddhu is in love with the Teja's fiance (Lekha) and he plans to get away with Lekha and the money. They get stuck in a traffic jam followed by several other hurdles which form the rest of the movie.

Kamina Songs

  • Kamina Theme Song
    Artists: Bhargavi Pillai
  • Aata Paata
    Artists: Agastya
  • Inkaa Yemi Cheppalo
    Artists: Sahithi
  • Kamina Title Music
    Artists: Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Nuvvu Nuvvu Nuvvey
    Artists: Sunidhi Chauhan
  • Niga Niga Thoorupe
    Artists: Anuja


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