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Movie title : Graduate
Release Date : January 7, 2011
Cast: Akshay (debut movie, as Chakravarthi), Ritika Sood (cousin of Sonu Sood, as Pavani), Tahsu Kaushik (as Manisha), Brahmanandam (as owener of a call centre), Chandra Mohan (as Chakri's father, Chartered accountant), Krishna Bhagwan, M S Narayana, Kallu Chidambaram, Brahmanandam, Purnima, Kondavalasa Lakshmana Rao
CBFC Movie Rating : U
Camera : Murali

Screenplay :Prasad Rayala
Art : Krishna
Audio : Sony Music
Choreographer : Ammar Bandaru
Direction : Prasad Rayala
Banner : Attaluri Shivajis Script Technologies

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is based on the lifestyles and the modes of living of the present generation. The director attempts to highlight the need to think about the future and not merely living for the present moment. The hero of the movie is a little different to the present generation and plans carefully for his future. The hero falls in the difficult choice of going for his love on one side and about his life ambitions on the other.

The story begins with flash back narration by Manisha (played by Tashu Kaushik) about some incidents that happened three years ago. Chakravarthi aka Chakri (played by Akshay), Manisha, Ranjeet and Manoj are college mates who graduate from Gitam College, Vizag. Chakri is the topper in the batch and he prepares for civil services exams. The other three friends join a call centre. Manisha falls in love with Chakri but the later does not respond. On the other hand, Chakri falls for NRI eye-candy Pavani (played by Ritika Sood) in what is called love-on-first-sight. He requests and gets help from Manisha to get closer to Pavani. However, his luck falls ill after Pavani dumps him. Chakri helps Manisha when some miscreants morphs her photographs and teases her. In another instance, he saves his friend Ranjit from the son of an MLA son who tries to blackmail. Chakri enters and traces his number and threatens him with dire consequences and saves Ranjit.

Chakri gets totally involved in his new found romance and neglects his preparations for the civils. His father (played by Chandra Mohan) gets a heart attack and feels unhappy about Chakri neglecting his studies.

Chakri, understands that he only has infatuation towards Pavani and hence takes the step of staying away from his friends and romance. He gives his mobile phone to his father as an assurance of staying away from his friends. He avoids them for three years.

Due to recession in the software industry, his friends lose their jobs and gets addicted to drugs. Chakri steps in as a police officer and comes to their rescue.

The rest of the movie answers the question of how he realizes his father's dream of passing the civil services exams and cutting the chain of the triangular love between Chakri - Manisha - Pavani. Krishna Bhagawan (as father) dreams of his graduate son to bring in great dowry. M S Narayana wonders why a degree or a job should stop a person from marrying.

Graduate Songs

  • Maruvaleni Nestama
    Artists: Sidhartha, Bunty
  • Gadichina Kshanamu
    Lyrics: Deepu, Revanth, Shravana Bhargavi
  • Ninnala Nenu Lenu
    Artists: Anuj Guravara, Shravana Bhargavi
  • 1234
    Artists: Geetha Madhuri, Sidhartha
  • Priyathama
    Artists: Pranavi, Sidhartha


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