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Movie title : Game
Release Date : August 4, 2006
Cast: Vishnu Vardhan Babu (as Vijay Raj), Dr Mohanbabu (as Pandit Ragav, Taxi Driver), Shobana, Brahmanandam (as Hero assistant), Parvati Melton, Tanikella Bharani, Giribabu, Raghubabu, Sunil
Music : Josua Sridhar
Camera : Balamurugan
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra, Rama Jogi Sastry
Choreographer : Ganesh Acharya
Fights : Ram - Laxman
Direction : Ram Prasad G
Producer : Mohan Babu
Banner : Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

A remake of the movie 'Taxi No 9211', Game is more of a display of the acting capabilities of Dr. Mohan Babu (as Pandit Raghav or Raghava, Cab driver) and his son Vishnu Vardha (as Vijay Raj). A must see if you have not already watched the 'Taxi' movie.

A busy Businessman who is about to inherit his property and a cab driver having matured feelings about life meet when the former gets on the cab of the later at the airport. The cab driver, like most others on Hyderabad roads, faces difficulties in taking the businessman to his destination on time because of traffic. A minor car accident and the car driver Pandit is taken to the Police station. Tanikella Bharani turns out to be a helpless lawyer who insists that he needs the original will documents in order for the court to believe that the property earned by his father can be given to Vijay Raj. Vijay Raj loses the key of his bank locker where the original will documents are stored. He returns back to the cab to get the lock back and comes to know that the driver is taken to the police station. Meanwhile Pandit, a straight forward and little arrogant person irks policemen and ensures he is put behind the bars. Vijay comes to the police station and asks for the key to Pandit but the differences between the two continues. The difference in view between the two persons are clearly shown in the movie.

Each of the two continues to put the other into more difficulties and in the process Pandit's wife leaves him for her parental home. Vijay Raj comes to know of his fault, gets Pandit released from jail, takes him to his house for a peg where Pandit returns the original documents of his property. Vijay Raj is surprised looking at the documents but he feels realized since his friends and sweet heart has left him since he doesn?t have any money. Vijay Raj and Pandit cheer each other since both their birthdays fall on the same day. Vijay Raj thrills Pandit by getting his wife and child home and the small family celebrate their birthday.

Vijay Raj goes to Giribabu's house, shows him the original property documents and then tears them into pieces saying he came to know the value of money. The happy Giribabu consoles Vijay Raj and wishes him all good luck. Vijay Raj when returning out from the house hits a car outside. Shreya in plays a guest role wearing a tight top, steps out of the car and begins shouting at Vijay Raj. Vijay Raj then says sorry and says he will pay the compensation for the damage with a smile. The hot Shreya not turns cool, gives a smile and both of them slowly steps into their cars smiling and looking each other.

Sunil is a Bank Manager and continues to give tit bits of comedy with his excellent dialouges. Parvati Melton acts as the lover of Vijay Raj but the role is more for glamour than any thing else. Shobana is aptly fit for the role of the wife of Pandit but her voice-over sounds different when delivering dialouges. The movie ends with titles and 'behind the scene' clips from the movie.


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