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English Pellam Eastgodavari Mogudu

English Pellam Eastgodavari Mogudu

Movie title : English Pellam Eastgodavari Mogudu
Release Date : March 11, 1999
Cast: Srikanth (as a agriculture farmer), Ramya Krishna (as Sireesha, MBA Student, returned to India), Murali Mohan (as elder brother of Sireesha), Annapoorna (as mother of Srikanth), Jayasudha, Brahmaji (as student)
Music : Mani Sharma
Direction : Doraswamy Raju
Producer : Suresh Varma

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is about a lady Sireesha (played by Ramya Krishna) who wants to experiment the concept of dating in a culture conscious country like India. Srikanth agrees to date with Sireesha in the guise of being innocent. Sireesha gets pregnant and in her 6th month of pregnancy, she drags him to marry her. However, on the venue of the marriage, he says he is not interested in her. She moves on and the doctors rejects her plea to get aborted.

One day, she fakes a car accident and forces Srikanth to admit her in a hospital only to later find out that he has put his thumb print on documents confirming their marriage. She gets to the house of Srikanth with police only to get surprised that Srikanth is performing the death anniversary of her ex-boy friend. This incident takes the audience to a flash back.

Sireesha pursues her MBA abroad where she accidentally meets Brahmaji. Her moves makes Brahmaji to fall in love for her. She however uses him in her difficult situations but ditches him. Brahmaji falls from a building and commits suicide.

English Pellam Eastgodavari Mogudu Songs

  • Emiti pella.. Andaala debba

English Pellam Eastgodavari Mogudu Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Pandichedi Vari, Vundedi East Godavari
    English Translation: Farming Wheat, Living in East Godavari


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