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Dharma Chakram

Dharma Chakram

Movie title : Dharma Chakram
Release Date : January 13, 1996
Cast: Venkatesh (as Rakesh, lawyer), Ramya Krishna (as Sandhya), Prema (as Surekha), Rallapalli, Girsh Karnad (as Mahendra, Politician), Bramhanadam, Srividya (as Sarada, wife of Mahendra and mother of Rakesh), AVS
Music : MM Srilekha
Singers : SP Balasubrahmanyam, KS Chitra, MM Srilekha
Lyrics: Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy, Chandrabose
Direction : Suresh Krishna
Producer : D Ramanaidu
Banner : Rama Naidu Studios / Suresh Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The story is about a family in which mother and son together fight against father for the principles and human values. Srividhya, as a ditched wife, rises up her kid Rakesh (Venkatesh) with well behavior, manner and makes him a good lawyer to do justice to the fellow woman who are cheated brutally by their husbands. How Rakesh takes the revenge on his father for the injustice that he had done to his mother is the crux of the film.

Dharma Chakram Songs

  • Mudddu to.. cheerapattaga...
  • Tamasoma Mama
  • Sogasu Chooda Hai
  • Aagadaa Ee Ranam
  • Dheera Sameera
  • Cheppana Cheppana
  • Hello Hello

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Dharma Chakram


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