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Movie title : Chinnodu
Release Date : October 27, 2006
Cast: Sumanth (as Chinna), Charmme, Rahul Dev, Chandra Mohan (as Jailer), Brahmanandam
Music : Ramana Gogula

Direction : Kanmani
Producer : Katragadda Lokesh, C.V Srikanth

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Chinna (Sumanth) takes his birth in a jail and loses his mother when he was a kid. Jailer (Chandra Mohan) brings him up along with his son, Sanjay (Rajiv Kanakala) and daughter. Jailer's brother (Sivaji Raja), an army officer comes for vacations to his home. But in a dramatic situation, in a furor of anger Chinna kills Jailer's brother and lives in jail for many years. Even when he comes out, the family of jailer keeps him at distance and asks him not to show his face again. Chinna takes his shelter at a cycle stand owner and stands as a Man Friday and protector for them. He also protects the people from local gundas with his muscle power. A clerk in commissioner's office (Charmy Kaur) comes as a co-tenant to Chinna and Co. Love sprouts between them in regular style but she assumes that Chinna is a chocolate boy without knowing about his ruggedness in dealing with gundas and other issues. Why Chinna killed jailer's brother? How Charmy feels when she knows that Chinna is a rugged man who keeps strife with gundas? Will Chinna become a part of jailer's family again? Silver screen answers all these questions in the climax.

Chinnodu Songs

  • Masodu Leste
    Artists: Ramana Gogula
    Lyrics: Kandikonda
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:29:00 minutes
  • Hey Manasa
    Artists: Venu, Sunitha
    Lyrics: Suddala Ashokteja
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:09:00 minutes
  • Kannullo Merisave
    Artists: Tippu, Tania
    Lyrics: Kandikonda
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:18:00 minutes
  • Chinnari
    Artists: Nandita
    Lyrics: Suddala Ashokteja
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:30:00 minutes
  • Mila Mila
    Artists: Jassie Gift, Nandita
    Lyrics: Kandikonda
    Approximate Song Duration: 03:53:00 minutes


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