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Bus Stop

Movie title : Bus Stop
Rating: 3.0
Release Date : November 11, 2012
Cast: Prince (as Srinu), Sri Divya (as Shailaja), Kanna (as Kanna), Sai Kumar, Hasika (as Seema), Rao Ramesh
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : JB
Editor : SB Uddhav
Dialouges : Dasari Maruthi

Screenplay :Dasari Maruthi
Photography : J Prabhakar Reddy
Direction : Dasari Maruthi
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner : Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions Pvt Ltd

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie is about relationship between teenage kids and their parents. Kids change when they start fall into love. Things like lying, spending more time outside home and cheating are brushed off as passing phase by parents. This movie attempts to do a reality check on the trend.

The movie is shot in the backdrop of a society / colony and rotates around the younger generation and their lifestyles. Srinu (Prince) is deeply in love with his tenth classmate Shailaja (Sri Divya) while his friend Kanna (Kanna) is crazy about Seema (Hasika).

Srinu and Shailaja are in love since their school days but they split for silly reasons. The two continue to love each other despite the split. Shailaja makes the first move by switching to the college in her final year in which Srinu is studying his graduation. Their love blossoms again and Srinu finally wants to marry Shailaja, but the hurdle comes in the form of Shailaja's family who thinks otherwise about their relationship. Her parents spy on her all the time.

The first half of the movie is loaded with a number of double meaning dialogues. All the characters in the movie have a role to play and hence there is no single role dominating it.

Movie Facts

  • The muhurat shot was filmed on the lead pair for which Bellamkonda Suresh tapped the clap board and VV Vinayak switched on the camera.
  • During the film certification, no visual cuts has been made and only 4 dialogue cuts are being suggested by the reviewing committee members to the makers of the movie.
  • The film makers had problems censor board chief Dhana Lakshmi, and hence, they have approached Reviewing Committee (RC) for the censor scrutiny.

Bus Stop Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Vodileyandi. Youth tho godavalu pettukunte vaatalu padipothayi
    English Translation: Leave it. If you clash with the youth, you end up with wounds.
  • Heroiene: Neenu matladutundi cousing tho.
    Hero: Cousin ante? Aada? Maga?
    Heroiene: Cousin ante Cousinee. Neenu cheppanu po.
  • Hero: Hi!
    Heroiene: Enti? Appude Tellarinda? (Was it morning already?)
  • Aadapilla emaina kodipilla anukunnara? gampakinda pettagane guppuga vundataniki?
    English Translation: Do you think a girl is a hen to remain silent the moment it is put under its cage?

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