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Movie title : Boochi
Release Date : October 12, 2012
Cast: Alayna Sharma (as Nimmi ), J D Chakravarthy (as Tarun), Manisha Koirala (as Namrata), Madhu Shalini (as Tarun's younger sister Pooja)
Music : Sandeep Chowta / Salim-Sulaiman
Photography : Ravichandran, Harshraj Shroff
Direction : Ram Gopal Varma
Producer : Jitendra Jain
Banner : Eros International, Alumbra Entertainment

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Tarun (JD) and Namrata (Manisha) moves to a big luxurious bungalow along with their kids the 10-year old Taman, 6-year Nimmi (Alayna) and their servant Laxman. The idea to shift to the new bungalow came because of its cheap rent. Tarun's younger sister Pooja (Madhu Shalini) joins them later.

Nimmi says she can see and speak to her new friend Shabbo but no one else can see her. She finds a cute looking doll and she introduces it as 'Dolly'. Laxman feels Nimmi has a spirit in her life. When night falls, unusual events happen. Tarun's sister installs cameras across the house and the next day when the previous night footage is re-run they get a chilling shock.

Movie Facts

  • The movie is the telugu version of the movie - Bhoot Returns
  • The movie is not a sequel to any existing horror movie but a fresh work of RGV.
  • The movie is a sort of comeback movie for Manisha Koirala who is back into movies after a long gap.


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