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Movie title : Badrinath
Release Date : June 10, 2011
Cast: Allu Arjun (male lead, an Indian Samurai), Tamanna (as Alakananda, female lead), Prakash Raj (as Bheeshma Narayan, martial arts teacher), Rao Ramesh (as assistant/shishya of Bheeshma Narayan)., Kovai Sarala (as mother of Badrinath), Tanikella Bharani (as father of Badrinath), Kelly George, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, M S Narayana, Venu Madhav, Krishna Bhagawan, Raghu Babu, Bharath, Rakesh, Rajan Kapoor, Harry Josh, Master Sai, Master Boppana Avinash, Pragati, Kalyani, Geeta Singh, Aadi Rajendra, Bapatla Panthulu, Rohini, Shayaji Shide (in a guest role), Sudha (in a guest role)
CBFC Movie Rating : A
Music : MM Keeravani
Dance : Raju Sundaram, Prema Rakshit, Poni Verma, Ganesh
Camera : Ravivarma
Editor : Gautam Raju

Screenplay :VV Vinayak
Lyrics: Veturi Sundara Ramurthy, Chandra Bose, MS Keeravani, Sravani Bharavi, Chaitanya Prasad
Costumes : P Ramesh

Fights : Peter Haynes
Direction : VV Vinayak
Producer : Allu Aravind
Banner : Geeta Arts

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

The movie begins with a brief description about the specialty of Indian temples and about the attacks made on them by anti-Hindu temples. Leaders and representatives of Hindu temples decide to install a specially trained force to protect the temple (Kshetra palakudu). The specially selected warriors will be trained under the ages of the specially picked 70-year old martial arts teacher Bheeshma Narayan (played by Prakash Raj). Narayan accepts the offer to teach the kids with all his skills so that they can rise to protect the temples.

One day, Bheeshma Narayan finds Badrinath (played by Allu Arjun), a young lad who was able to recite Vishnu Sahasra Namam very fluently despite hailing from a lower caste. He accepts the kid so that he can train him and make a warrior. After the training, the warriors are allowed to pick a slip to select the temple they are ought to protect. Badrinaath gets the temple of Badrinaath.

The son Omkar Eswari follows where the character of Tamanna was introduced.

Atheist Alakananda (played by Tamanna) visits Badrinath upon insistence of her grandfather. The blood vomiting grandfather has a wish to visit Badrinath temple before his death. But on his way, he falls unconscious. Badrinath, upon hearing an emergency call, jumps, comes to the rescue of the grandfather and treats him. He escorts the grandfather for a darashan of the Lord of the shrine. Alakananda when offered the holy lamp unlits the light. Angry Badri throws Alakananda into the river. But upon direction from his guru, he jumps and saves her.

The guru punishes her to light 1 lakh lamps and leave the holy shrine. Alakananda lights the lamp but they get unlit. Badrinath says the she can light the lamp only when she has devotion in mind and reciting Narayana manthra. He demonstrates the lighting of the lamp which will continue to be alite even when breeze comes. Alakananda follows him and lights the 1 lakh lamps to her surprise.

Badrinath understands from her grandfather that she lost her parents at a holy shrine and was since then lost trust at God. Badrinath also gets to know that she was in the clutches of Sarkar, his wife and son and was hence brought to the shrine to take the blessings of the God. He assigns the task of getting the trust of God in the mind of Alakananda.

The Grandfather asks for one more chance to pay rituals to the parents at Vasudhara, a magical water fall. Because Alakananda's parents' doesn't have any one who can pay the final rituals, Badrinath comes forward and prays.

Badrinath saves Alakananda from the attack of an Elephant.

Amarnath was attaked and the temple warrior was killed. Badrinath saves the pilgrims.

Alakanada falls in love with Badrinath. She goes to Vasudhara but comes back disappointed after the water fall fails to fall. However she later finds that the water does fall on her. She comes to know of it was because Badrinath has come there.

Nacchavuraa.. Vadalanuraa song follows.

By the end of the song, the two falls in love. Soon Alakanada and her in-laws meet at the market.

The Guru puts a call to Badri's parents and says that he has the intention to keep him as his successor but the condition is that he has to be a bachelor for a lifetime.

The parents agree to the Guru's condition but Badrinath was not informed about this. The Guru says Badri will always stand by his word. Alakanada who gets to know this weeps in sadness.

Badri tells Alakanada to pray with rare Bramhakapalala flowers atop a faraway hill top. She falls from the hill top.

Guru comes to know that Badri was out for a long time. Badri and Alakananda runs to reach the temple on time for the Jyothi darshan but was stopped by son. A fight occurs. A temple idol is thrown into the river. Badri attempts to save it and gets stabbed. Despite that he gets the idol. He is again stabbed. Guru then comes to know that Badri was in love with Alakananda. He takes away Alakananda. Badri wakes up and utters the name of Alakananda much to the surprise of his Guru.

The temple was closed for 6 months because of the wintery weather.

Finally Badrinath goes to her village, fights the villains and brings back Alakananda.

Movie Facts

  • In January 2011, Rao Ramesh managed to escape a fatal accident on the sets of Takshasila.
  • This is the first time that V V Vinayak is using large scale graphics in his movies.
  • As of end of February 2011, the movie is in post-production works and getting release for the summer of 2011.
  • The 'Omkareshwara' song was shot at a budget of Rs.3 crores in 10 days schedule on 22 sets.
  • The movie crew made a special promotion of the movie in Bangalore on June 7, 2011. Geetha Arts is independently distributing the movie in the Karnataka region.
  • Allu Arjun underwent a special training program for 3 months in Vietnam under the aegis of action director Peter Hynes to get 6 pack abs and to perform the various stunts in the movie.
  • Geetha Arts reported collections of Rs. 7.52 crores on the first day of the release. The movie collected Rs 1.64 crore in Nizam area, Rs 1.62 crore in CDED area, Rs 68 lakh in Guntur, Rs 30 lakh in West Godavari, Rs 32 lakh in East Godavari,Rs 75 lakh in Vizag, Rs 65 lakh in Kerala, Rs 76 lakh in Karnataka and Rs 25 lakh in North India.

Badrinath Songs

  • Omkareswari
    Featuring: Allu Arjun and troupe, Tamanna
    Artists: Shankar Mahadevan, MM. Keeravani
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Shot at / Location: At various locations of Badrinath including outside the temple, mountain range and river. Outdoor artificial set. The song introduces the character of Tamanna.
  • Amba Dari
    Featuring: Tamanna and Allu Arjun in a group dance. Tamanna said she like this song in the movie very much because of the dance.
    Artists: Revanth, Shravana Bhargavi
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
    Shot at / Location: Indoor set
  • In the Night
    Artists: Baba Sehgal, Shravana Bhargavi
    Lyrics: Shravana Bhargavi
  • Nacchavuraa.. Vadalanuraa
    Featuring: Allu Arjun and Tamanna
    Artists: Sreeram Chandra, Chaitra
    Lyrics: MM. Keeravani
    Shot at / Location: Waterfalls and Hilly locations
  • Nadh Nadh
    Artists: Jassie Gift, Sunidhi Chauhan
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Chiranjeeva
    Artists: Revanth, Shreya Ghoshal
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Ambadari Remix
    Artists: Anuj Gurwara, Geetha Madhuri
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Vasundhara
    Artists: MM. Keeravani, Swetha Pandit
    Lyrics: Chandrabose
  • Badrinath Theme
    Lyrics: Chaitanya Prasad

Badrinath Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Veedini manushulevvaroo emi cheyyaleru. Devudokkade veedi weakness
    English Translation: No human can do anything to him. God is his only weakness
  • Neeku Saradaaki Samskruthiki theda teleedu
  • Hey jagratta. Adi Ice bridge. Citylo cement bridges kanna ivi strong ga vuntayi.
  • stamina vundalamma stamina
  • Veyya kotlu ante entha? Himalayana nuni Hindu maha samudram madhyalo evainaa koneyochhu.
  • Pelli chesukovaram, pillalni kanatam manushule kaadu. Pasuvulu kooda chestayi. Kaani Takshasilaki vaarasudavaatam kotlalo okkariki matrame avakasam vostundi.


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