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Back Bench Student

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Back Bench Student

Movie title : Back Bench Student
Rating: 3.0
Release Date : March 15, 2013
Cast: Mahat Raghavendra (as Karthik), Piaa Bajpai (as Chaitra), Archana Kaviare (as Priyanka), Brahmanandam, Sarath Babu, Ali, Pragathi, Banerji, Insi Gutta
Music : Sunil Kashyap
Editor : Dharmendra Kakarala
Lyrics: Sirasri
Photography : Prasad GK
Presenter : Shiridi Sai Combines / Multidimension Entertainmen
Direction : Madhura Sreedhar

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Engineering student Karthik (Mahat) fails in 16 subjects of his course and is go easy on his studies. Priyanka (Archana), his girlfriend, however, is pretty serious about him but she goes to the US to do her MS on parental pressure. This decision of her parents comes as a surprise for both Karthik and Priyanka and leaves on a bitter note.

Priyanka is unable to stay away from him and returns back home after a year only to get surprised to find that he is a changed man. The change occurs due to Chaitra (Piaa) and the rest of the movie deals with what has happened during the year.

Back Bench Student Songs

  • Engineering
  • Jagada Jagada
  • Vennelamma
  • I Am Sorry Vinara
  • Telisi Telisi
  • Simbus (Power Mix)
  • Sachin Tendulkar Back Bencher


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