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Born to Lead


Movie title : Anna
Release Date : August 9, 2013
Cast: Vijay (as Vishwa, Dancer), Amala Paul (as Meera), Sathyaraj (as father of Meera), Santhanam, Suresh, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajiv Pillai, Ragini Nandwani, Nasser
Music : G V Prakash Kumar
Photography : Nirav Shah
Direction : A L Vijay
Producer : C P Jain, Sunil, Dinesh, Kasi Viswanadham
Banner : Sri Mishri Productions

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Though a routine Australia-based businessman, Vishwa (Vijay) has passion for dance. He meets Meera (Amala Paul) and falls in love with her. After Meera's father insistence, Vishwa comes to Mumbai to meet his father (Sathyaraj) thinking he is a businessman. But he gets to know that his father is none other than Anna, a rough man who fights for the poor. Vishwa is shocked and loses many things since then.


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