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Movie title : Anand
Release Date : October 15, 2004
Cast: Raja (as Anand Singaraju, MD of Anand Singarju Group of Companies), Kamalinee Mukherjee (as Rupa), Anish Kuruvilla, Satya, Baby Bakita, Master Abhijit, Chandana, Gururaj, Bharat, Ali, Patel, Pruthvi, Meenakshi, Gopi
Music : KM Radha Krishnan
Camera : Vijay C Kumar
Editor : Marthand K Venkatesh
Dialouges : Sekhar Kammula

Screenplay :Sekhar Kammula
Lyrics: Veturi
Art : Kishore Chowksi
Choreographer : Nixon & Sekhar Kammula
Direction : Sekhar Kammula
Banner : Amigos Creations & NFDC

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Rupa, a music teacher, is a single lady and stays in a house. She shares her feelings with friend Anitha who lives in the same housing compound. Rupa loves Rahul who takes till marriage but difference of views of mother in law and Rupa would but an end to the marriage. Rupa gives his wedding card and resignation letter at work. Rupa returns home unhappy. Anand gets to know about Rupa and gets to know she belongs to the same family which is killed in a road accident eight years ago due to the fault of Anand's father.

Anand decides to get to know Rupa better and marry her if she too likes him. He moves to the outhouse that is put for "Tolet" in the same compound. Anand often disturbs Rupa or Anitha as his outhouse does not have a toilet. Rupa talks to her manager at work and retains her work. Rupa dances well in the song Vachhe vachhe and Anand gets impressed. One day, Anand gets to know that Rupa went to the nursery and runs for her. Meanwhile, the Rahul re-appears and tries to convience Rupa saying he is unable to bring his mom and Rupa together. He asks Rupa for time and he goes off. Baby Bakita gets a cute pup for herself and names it "Bow Wow". Master Abhijit already has a dog called "Snoopy". Rupa goes to a Christian Missionaries run old age home to serve food for the old. Anand takes few dishes and helps in serving. He asks Rupa if she is angry at the person who did the accident in which her parents died for which she replies she isn't angry. Anand goes into dream for the song Charumati I Love You. One day, Anand touches Rupa on her face for which she reacts so serious.

Rahul continues to convince Rupa at work but she continues to reject her. Rahul sends her a message saying he loves her hair. Rupa returns home and cuts her hair. Anand who gets to know this asks his friend to get him a job in the same company as Rupa so that he can do his best to stop Rahul from advancing. Anand finally gets a job in the same office as Rupa works. Rahul goes to the management and asks Anand to be fired. The Manager tells he gave a job to Anand in exchange for a Rs. 2 crore ad contract. Rahul addresses Anand as Rupa's new boy friend amongst other co-workers. This irks Rupa who shouts at Anand that night. Meanwhile Anitha gets to know that Anand likes Rupa and says Rupa is lucky. However few scenes picturize Anand is too much in the mind of Rupa. One day Rupa gets a NRI match and unknowingly Anand goes to bring sweets and gets Rupa's loving two wheeler damaged. Anand gets a mechanic and tries to get the scooter repaired. Meanwhile Rupa wakes up and gets to know her two wheeler is damaged.

Rupa gets a call one night that Rahul's mom died of heart attack. Rupa and Anand pays a visit to his home to console him. Anand feels Rupa is still affectionate at Rahul and steps back. Rupa stays back for few hours during night and Anand stays back for her. Anand drives Rupa back home and Rupa offers a treat. Anand acts jelous of Rahul for which Rupa directly asks her. One rainy day, Rahul gives a lift to Rupa on a rainy day despite Anand telling not to go with him. Rahul steps out of the car and hands over a flower boquet wishing Happy Birthday Day. Rahul enters into Rups home that night and says he wishes to talk to her. That night, Rahul comes home drunk and tries to force her to marry him. Anand rescues her and reveals his true identity. Anand is actually Anand Singaraju, MD of the rich Anand Singarju Group of Companies. Anand and Rahul gets into a small argument. The next day Rupa wakes up early with two cups of coffee as usual. Anand ignores her and goes for jogging with Anitha.

Rupa prepares chicken for Anand despite having avertion to it. Anand however says he is not hungry. He goes out saying he has someone and does not know when he returns back. Rupa and Anand meets at a function and dances together. Rupa tells her that she wants Anand and expresses her deep feelings. She says she likes him, his words and smile. Totally totally chaala chaala istham and asks him to say Yes / No. Anand kisses her in response. The two goes on a long drive during which she tells about her background. Anand's mother visit his home one day. Anand's mom gets close with Rupa and tries to know her taste.

Rupa says she is happy when close with her and weeps near her. Anand's mom says she liked Rupa but tells him to inform Rupa that she lost her family because of road accident by his father. Rupa weeps badly hearing her and Anjali tells her not miss Anand. She later agrees to Anands love.

Movie Facts

  • Production Manager: Arvind Kumar

Anand Songs

  • Yamunatheeram
    Featuring: Kamalini and Raja after they come close to each other
    Artists: Hariharan, Chitra
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Shot at / Location: Various locations
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:08:00 minutes
  • Vachhe vachhe nalla mabbullaara..
    Featuring: Kamaline Mukherjee with kids and others
    Artists: Shreya Ghoshal
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Shot at / Location: in Rain shower
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:35:00 minutes
  • Nuvvena Naa Nuvvena
    Featuring: Kamaline Mukherjee
    Artists: Shreya Ghoshal, KM. Radhakrishnan
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Shot at / Location: At various locations recaping old days
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:52:00 minutes
  • Charumati I Love You
    Featuring: Anand with Rupa and Baby Bakita
    Artists: Lucky Ali
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Shot at / Location: Park Song
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:07:00 minutes
  • Telisi Telisi
    Artists: Shreya
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:26:00 minutes
  • Yedalo Ganam
    Artists: Hariharan, Chitra
    Lyrics: Veturi
    Approximate Song Duration: 04:55:00 minutes

Anand Film Dialogues & Quotes

  • Edana vuntre direct ga cheppaye. Solve chesukovacchu kada. Kamalaini to Raja at a pool side dance
  • Mistakes jaruguthai life lo. Navalla jarigayi neeku. But what is important is that we love each other.
  • First day at office - koddiga excite avutunnadu
  • Ippudu interesting topic ante Lovee
  • TV lo aithe oke okka nimishamlo telupu vochestundhi - Rupa washing clothes
  • Identha? 200 rupayulu Rupa: 20 rupayalakishtava? Idosthundi
  • Anand to Rupa: Vallu Nachhani vishayalu cheipthe.. just say Shut up Rupa: Shut up
  • There is magic around me - Kamanlini Mukherjee to Raja when going on a long car drive
  • emcheppamantav. pelli mari. tshirts phat. salwars kooda doubt. Kamalani Mukherjee discussing about her clothes with a friend at work.


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