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Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass

Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass

Movie title : Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass
Rating: 1.0
Release Date : August 3, 2013
Cast: Varun Sandesh (as Sri), Hari Priya (as Neeru), Ahuti Prasad (as KK), Sri Lakshmi, Kasi Viswanath, Ali, Srinivas Reddy
Music : Shekar Chandra
Photography : Sai Sriram
Direction : Koneti Srinu
Producer : Lakshman

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Sri (Varun) is brought up by Bhama (Srilakshmi) who keeps him away from girls. As Sri grows, he becomes more and more shy of girls and keeps them at a distance.

Meanwhile, the company he is working suffers heavy losses and this forces him to search for potential investors. At that point KK (Ahuti Prasad) comes forward to put the money but with a condition that Sri must marry his daughter. Sri is left with no other choice and hence he agrees to the condition.

In order to develop confidence with women, Sri meets Neeru (Haripriya) a prostitute and brings her home for few days contract.

Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass Songs

  • Girls Ante Naku
  • Main Hu Na
  • Manasulona
  • Silk Seera Jaarutunnadi
  • Emo Emo


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