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Aavidaa Maa Aavide

Aavidaa Maa Aavide

Movie title : Aavidaa Maa Aavide
Rating: 3.0
Cast: Akkineni Nagarjuna (as Police Inspector), Tabu (as Police Inspector, Ist Wife of Nagarjuna), Heera (as 2nd Wife of Nagarjuna), Kota Srinivasa Rao, Srihari, Chakravarthi, Giri Babu (as father of Nagarjuna), Brahmanandam (as Constable), Rama Prabha (as mother of Tabu), AVS (as Hotel Manager)
Music : Sri

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Yet another film of a husband with two wives Aavidaa Maa Aavide is a hilarious family drama in which Police Inspector Nagarjuna marries another lady believing his first wife is dead. Nagarjuna is married to Tabu, a police women who reports to Nagarjuna. The two will have a happy life but one day, Nagarjuna receives the news that Tabu died on police duty. Giri Babu and Rama Prabha persuades Nagarjuna to go for a second marriage.

Left with no other option, Nagarjuna marries Heera with an impression that Heera knows about his first wife. The two checks in a hotel (Room 206) for their honey moon where Nagarjuna accidentally notices Tabu. Nagarjuna takes another room (Room 306) for Tabu and his child. A series of scenes will be up showing in which Nagarjuna tries to handle both the girls without each of them knowing of the other.

Aavidaa Maa Aavide Songs

  • taha taha..
  • Intikeladam..


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