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Aapath Bandhuvudu

Aapath Bandhuvudu

Movie title : Aapath Bandhuvudu
Release Date : October 9, 1992
Cast: Chiranjeevi (as Madhavayya, Madhava, a cow-keeper), Meenakshi Seshadri (as Hema, Daughter of Vishwanath), K Vishwanath (as a Poet/Writer), Sarath Babu, Allu Ramalingayya, Jandhyala, Prasad Babu, Geeta, Janaki, Nirmala, Satyanarayana
Music : M M Keeravani
Direction : K Vishwanath
Producer : Edida Nageswara Rao
Banner : Pooronodaya Movie Creations

Plot / Movie Story / Movie Review

Vishwanath comes to know from Nirmalamma that it is Madhava who has funded for his writings. Vishwanath dedicates his writings to Madhava and falls dead. Madhava recalls how he is being saved when attempting suicide when he is a young boy and how he is hired to work and taken care of all these days. Madhava is being told that publishing books will help Vishwanath be remembered for ever. He sells his cows to fund the publication. On way back home with the published books, Madhava finds Hema becoming mentally sick.

Madhava acts as a mentally sick patient, joins in the same hospital as Hema and then gets her well.

Aapath Bandhuvudu Songs

  • Avura Ammaka Chella
  • Chukkallara
  • Odiyappa


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